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Drag DR-73 Wheels

What Makes Drag DR-73 Wheels Special?

A split five spoke wheel is a classic wheel that perhaps will never go out of style. It is so simple it its design that Ferrari has featured it in many of its cars. And you can never say that the fabled prancing horse lacks style. 

Because of this fact, may wheel manufacturers make themselves a version of the split five spoke wheel, some more expensive than others. But with the Drag DR-73, you will not have to spend over a thousand dollars just to get your hands on a beautiful split five spoke design. This will be perfect for a sports car, a hatchback, or even a daily driven sedan. Each aluminum Drag DR-73 rim is lightweight, strong and extremely durable, which means they have the potential to improve your driving performance.

What are the advantages of installing Drag DR-73 wheels?

The reason to want to move from stock to aftermarket wheels is mainly because of style. An aftermarket wheel has been engineered to be lightweight, which is why these see the primary use in motorsports. A lighter wheel reduces un-sprung weight, resulting in faster acceleration and significantly improved handling. And since the DR-73 is cast as a one-piece alloy wheel, it will definitely be lighter even at a size a tad bigger than stock.

That will bring us to our next point: size. Size is also a factor. A bigger wheel allows space for much larger brake rotors and calipers—usually a must when a car is built to race. An offshoot of a larger diameter wheel is the use of low-profile rubber which has less sidewall flex—another performance benefit when driving on the track. 

The Drag DR-73 is available in 16, 17, 18, and 19-inch diameters. You can have yours in Matte Black, Gloss Silver, or Matte Bronze finishes.

The Drag DR-73 is also a perfect replacement for those boring BMW and Mercedes-Benz stock wheels. This wheel will accept your factory BMW (OEM BMW#36 13 1 095 361) or Mercedes (OEM MBZ#A171 400 00 25 or 220 400 01 25) center cap.


  • Aluminum construction makes it light and durable
  • Wide range of fitments from 16 to 19-inch diameters
  • Affordable set of the famous split five spoke wheel design

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