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OEM Driveshaft


The OEM driveshaft is a rotating metal shaft that connects the engine to the gears that drive the vehicle's wheels. It is constructed with either solid steel tubes, hollow steel or aluminum tubes. Universal joints connect the drive shafts to the axle and the engine's drive assembly. When the engine's fuel ignites, it explodes and expands, generating power. This action forces the piston into and out of the cylinders of the engine. The pistons are connected to an output shaft that rotates in response to the pumping action. This output shaft is connected to a gearbox that controls the wheels' and engine's relative speeds. This is the transmission of the vehicle. The transmission transmits rotational energy to an output shaft that rotates perpendicular to the direction of the car's motion. The drive shaft transmits this rotation to the rear differential's pinion/input shaft, where it passes through two gears that rotate the rotational energy by 90 degrees. This rotates the axle of the vehicle in the desired direction. Drive shafts are sometimes referred to as "Cardan shafts."

A faulty drive shaft generates noticeable vibrations while driving, as well as knocking sounds from beneath the vehicle. Furthermore, you may have difficulty steering your vehicle. This indicates that drivers should consider inspecting their drive shaft in case a replacement or upgrade is required.


Whether you're driving inside or outside the lines, everyone demands the performance that only genuine OEM drive shafts provide. These drive shafts and components are available for automotive applications, including passenger cars and light trucks, and are manufactured to the same standards as OEM parts, ensuring the same level of performance and reliability. Customers can rely on their high quality genuine products to meet or exceed OE performance. Additionally, their driveshaft assemblies and steering shafts are lightweight and engineered to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness.


At Vivid Racing, we provide a wide variety of OEM drive shafts for vehicles of all brands and models. Vivid Racing drive shafts are the cylinder-shaped shafts that transmit torque from the engine to the wheels. The OEM driveshaft's purpose is to transmit engine torque from the gearbox to the wheels. Vivid Racing OEM drive shafts are guaranteed to be an exact replacement for your vehicle's original drive shaft, which should be replaced if knocking noises are heard when navigating tight corners, accelerating, or compressing and extending the suspension if used for a longer period of time. When you need a replacement driveshaft, be sure to check out Vivid Racing. Our genuine drive shaft replacement parts are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly.