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Drop Kits

Why Install a Drop Kit on your Truck?

For a lot of truck owners, deciding on whether to lift or lower their truck often comes down to style. Aside from style, there are a lot pros and cons to lowering or lifting your truck. Things like handling, ride height, how much you’ll be towing, aesthetics, and more, are all accounted for when making the decision to lift or lower your truck. For those who want to improve their truck’s handling characteristics, lowering it is the better option.

How Drop Kits Work

To put it simply, drop kits are designed to help lower your truck, according to desired levels. Some kits will just drop the rear of your truck to help it sit level, and some kits will lower your front and rear suspension. The lower you go, the more complicated everything becomes, especially at the rear where the axle can hit the frame if you go too low. Typically, a drop kit will include a set of springs, nuts and bolts, rear shocks and front struts, however, some drop kits include very minimal components.

These items will replace the corresponding original equipment manufacturer or OEM parts that are presently fitted on your truck. Most trucks can use either lowering blocks or lowering shackles in the rear. Up front you can either use lowering springs, torsion keys (on trucks with torsion bar suspension), or drop spindles. Many lowering trucks use a combination of these components.

Performance Benefits

The big performance benefit from decreasing ride height is improved handling. By lowering the overall center of gravity of your truck, body movement is greatly decreased and grip is improved. Of course, if you go too low, decreased suspension travel can impair handling, so it’s important to find a balance between lowered ride height and decent suspension travel. Aside from the performance benefits, your truck will also look great!

1. Improved Aero and Fuel Economy

Lowering your truck’s suspension will bring it closer to the ground. In case you didn’t already know, most trucks suffer from terrible fuel mileage, which is partially caused by the large amount of air which can go under the truck while driving down the road. Lowering your truck can massively improve fuel mileage by reducing overall drag. This is especially important if you plan on taking your truck to the track or drag strip where speeds are much higher.

2. Improved Handling

As stated earlier, lowering your truck can improve handling by lowering your truck’s center of gravity. The lowered height results in higher stability, better responsiveness, and more effective speed control. More importantly, well tuned spring rates and dampers are necessary once you install sticky tires which can easily overpower your OEM suspension when cornering hard. On top of that, the risk of rolling over is greatly reducing in a lowered truck, especially compared to a lifted truck.

If you own a high-performance truck and you plan to further enhance its capabilities, then fitting it with a drop kit or lowered suspension is probably the next best step. In addition to that, the lowered look will never fail to turn some heads!

Lower your truck’s height just a bit or slam it all the way down to the ground! With the extensive assortment of drop kits here at Vivid Racing, everything is up to you! Regardless of if you just want that lowered look or are looking to improve your handling and overall driving experience, we have the right kit to suit your needs! We carry Coilovers, Mounts, Bushings, Strut Bars, Sway Bars and more!