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OEM UTV Engine Parts

OEM UTV Engine Parts

Before jumping into the main topic, let's just first tackle how the engine works in a UTV. This might be new to somebody who doesn't own a UTV but can be an exciting one if you are very familiar and fan of a UTV or in other terms, the Side by Side

The current UTV engine is identical to the one in your own vehicle. In fact, it relates to the number of rotations the piston needs to make to complete the process by considering the term four-stroke (four-cycles).

The piston travels down to the cylinder when the intake valve opens, as air and fuel pull into the cylinder when the startup is moving the engine. The intake valve will close when the piston reaches the base of the cylinder and the piston will travel up the cylinder and compress the fuel and air mixture.

The spark happens afterward. This causes an explosion inside the cylinder, dismantles the combustion of fuel and air, and drives the piston down to the foundation of the cylinder. At last, the piston pushes the cylinder up and the exhaust valve opens, throwing out all of the burnt gasses. This is the last step in this process.

By now, you are maybe wondering what's the best brand for UTV engine parts and accessories. Actually, there's a lot of them and we're here to help you decide, which one will perfectly make you happy.

Arctic Cat OEM Parts

Edgar Hetteen founded Arctic Cat in 1962 and over decades, racing, trail riding, and getting family and friends together became a pioneering snowmobile, side by side, and ATV engine and parts accessories. His group is strong, enthusiastic, and confident.

The majority of their development is now carried out at Thief River Falls, MN, which is a day's drive away by trails in its backyard and the mountains. They explore the globe, but all it all begins with US workers and an American labor ethic. Just one more reason, they're proud to stand behind every machine we make.

Polaris OEM

Thirty years later, the first Polaris ATV's were developed on dealer floors in 1985, and the market, which had previously been entirely dominated by Japanese brands. These 1985 versions were not only the first Polaris ATVs but also the first American ATVs.

The first Polaris ATVs were Trail Boss 250 four-wheeled and the Scrambler 250 with a three-wheels system. MacPherson's strut suspension was installed on the Trail Boss, which Polaris continues to use until today.

Polaris ATVs have since reached the limits, and with the legendary Sportsman 500 and its revolutionary front storage system, the business was a big success. But the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Polaris is the RZR. The first Sport-UTV launched for the 2008 Model Year has changed completely the industry with fast pace growth and developments.

Maybe now you are wondering, what is the perfect UTV machine for me. It depends on your taste, preference, and performance choice. To let you know, there are other brands that Vivid Racing offers in this OEM UTV Engine parts selections

Vivid Racing's Brand Selection:

  • Acerbis
  • Arctic Cat OEM
  • Can-Am OEM
  • Lokar
  • Manley
  • Mishimoto
  • Polaris OEM
  • QuickCar
  • Yamaha OEM

Vivid Racing carries a lot of OEM UTV Engine Parts, from Accelerator Control to Water Pump. Remember, we are here to guide you to your desired performance UTV Engine Parts.

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