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Engine Styling Kits | Style and Protection for Your Engine

You are in a car meet. Your wheels are unique, your paint looks fresh, and your interior is clean. And then to complete the whole show look, you must pop your hood open. But your engine bay looks like a barn find. You never bothered to make it a looker since it’s working, right?

But in reality, there are more to engine styling parts than just style.

For example, replacement valve covers not only color coordinate your valvetrain’s protection to your car’s body. They are advised to be used once you modify your engine because performance engine valve covers are repeatedly removed and installed. Many performance and racing engines have mechanical valvetrains that require routine adjustments, and engines that are pressed to the limit regularly require repairs and rebuilding. These engines may have modified valvetrains and stock valve covers usually aren’t tall enough for clearance.  

Most modern engines have hydraulic lifters. Factory valve covers not only look utterly boring, they may only be removed once or twice during a standard engine’s lifespan. Plus, they only have to handle the stock factory engine configuration and state of tune. 

But aside from the indirect performance gained by installing performance cam covers, grommets, or engine covers, we know it will almost always be the style you are after.

Vivid Racing carries motor covers, manifold covers, alternator covers, engine covers, hood shocks, battery covers, hood dampeners, and many more! We carry many engine dress-up parts for your high-performance machine.

We have an inventory of Engine Styling and Engine Dress Up Parts from all the top manufacturers in the automotive industry. Our manufacturers include: Agency Power, APR, ARC, Autoexe, C-West, Carbign Craft, Carbonio, Elite Carbon, Injen, Neuspeed, Stillen, Tein, Titek and Zaklee.

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