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Why Choose Enkei Wheels?

Enkei wheels embody the most advanced designs and composite alloy technology in the market today. Every wheel in their line-up has passed strict tests and inspections to fulfill high-level JGTC standards. And with their unmatched manufacturing facilities, you get one of the best and finest aftermarket wheels in the industry.

Enkei also creates cutting-edge and stylish race wheels for an assortment of motorsport applications, such as rally racing, drifting, sports car racing, and single-seater racing. They are famous for supplying lightweight magnesium F1 race wheels to Honda’s famed McLaren team since 1995.

Renowned in the Motorsport World

Enkei is one of the global leaders in manufacturing premium lightweight wheels for motorsport and performance use. Their wheels have been in the top racing competitions and championships of the world for 30 years.

With their never-ending pursuit for perfection and technological development, Enkei continues to push its winning tradition and break new boundaries in wheel innovation.

Ushering the Future of High-Performance Wheels

Enkei started operating on October 5, 1950, in the archipelago of Japan. Since then, it has continued to take the challenge and adventure of delivering the most high-tech and superior quality wheels to the best racers and car enthusiasts.

Today, the company has become the top aluminum wheel manufacturer that fulfills the demands of prominent automobile developers and aftermarket wheel users across the globe. It continues its commitment to exceeding the expectations of the most discerning drivers.