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ESM-002R Wheels

ESM 002R | Why should I install these wheels?

ESM Wheels is a company that makes classic looking wheels fit good in most modern cars. The ESM 002R is the first wheel that they made and it instantly put them in the map of quality wheel builders. The ESM 002R is a mesh wheel whose design harks back to the eighties. It was, and still is, a breath of fresh air for the aftermarket wheel industry.

The ESM 002R’s high quality is a result of more than four decades of experience in the automobile wheel industry. It is a low pressure cast wheel that has rivets. It also has a concave face that ads even more attitude.

ESM Wheels started from a company called DTM Fiberwerkz, which specialized in BMW fiberglass and expanded to wheels. It is only fitting that these wheels have an old-school, German-esque style. This wheel sports a deep-dish stepped lip that encloses a mesh pattern design with various rivets that are encircling the inner lip area giving this a three piece feel.

The ESM 002R is available in 15, 16, 17, and 18-inch diameters. The ESM 002R’s sizes mean you can enjoy rocking these wheels in your modern sedan or hatchback. It was only previously used on racing Mercedes-Benz 190s and BMW M3s of the 80s, where 15-inches would suffice. Imagine driving a modern hatchback with wheels smaller then 16-inches. No? We can’t either.

It is available in gold, black, gun metal, chrome silver, or white finishes.

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