BM-COOL002P Evolution Racewerks | Silver Sports Series Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit BMW 335i

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Evolution Racewerks Silver Sports Series Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit BMW 335i 08-11


Evolution Racewerks

Model #BM-COOL002P

It's well known that the N54 and N55 engines runs very hot. Turbos that build a lot of heat and a small radiator play into why this engine runs so hot. A quick look at your gauge cluster on your dash after a few minutes of "spirited" driving, you'll notice oil temperatures over 250 degrees. Considering that most cars don't even exceed 230 degrees tells you quite a bit. As oil temperatures get too high, thermal degradation occurs. This is when the oil starts to lose viscosity due to heat and start to break down and becomes more susceptible to "shearing" or oil breakdown. An internal combustion engine like the N54/N55 engine, imparts high shear forces on the motor oil, which is sandwiched between two rotating or sliding forces under load and heat. "Shearing" is when the molecular structure is essentially torn apart by these mechanical shear forces. Lower your operating oil temperature will greatly reduce this. Thus your motor oil is in better shape to protect the bearings in your car's engine, thus improving longevity. The 135i/335i comes from the factory with a small oil cooler with a core size of 8.75"x4.75"x1" (222mmx121mmx26mm) which comes out to 41 cubic inches of core. The Sports Series Oil Cooler system features a large 11"x8"x2" (280mmx203mmx51mm) oil cooler with a core size of 9"x8"x2" (229mmx203mmx51mm). The Sports Series Oil Cooler comes out to 144 cubic inches of core which is 3.5 times larger than the factory unit each! The Sports Series Oil Cooler mounts to its own box enclosure. Louvers on the backside of the box enclosure ensures airflow through the oil cooler while protecting the oil cooler from road debris, especially debris kicked up from the front tires. During initial testing, Evolution Racewerks' box enclosure had a big window (open hole) in the back for airflow. However, throughout the race season, it took so much abuse from rocks, tire and other debris kicked up from the front tires that Evolution Racewerks had to replace the oil coolers on Evolution Racewerks' Time Attack 135i. Thus, instead of a big hole for airflow to flow through, Evolution Racewerks used louvers instead to protect the back side of the oil cooler. This effectively solved the issue without any affect on performance. Oil temperatures as well as oil temperature deltas stayed the same.

Type III Hard Anodize Black Finish:

The oil coolers come standard with no finish (silver color). Just like Evolution Racewerks' intercoolers, we're now offering them with the Type III Hard Anodize Black for guys who want the stealthy look. With the Type III Hard Anodized finish, it is very hard to tell there is an aftermarket oil cooler on the car. Another added benefit of the Type III Hard Anodizing is that it makes the oil cooler fins harder and stronger, which makes it less prone to getting bent/damaged from road debris like rocks etc... Evolution Racewerks opted for the Type III Hard Anodizing over the Type II color anodizing which is only asthetics for this purpose only (even though it cost us considerably more to anodize Type III than Type II). Evolution Racewerks started using the Type III Hard Anodized Black finish on Evolution Racewerks' rally car customer's FMICs years ago. Rally cars go through tremendous amounts of abuse and it was quite common to take hits on the intercooler from debris on the course. In fact after 1 event, Evolution Racewerks would often see a large portion of the intercooler fins bent (killing efficiency) and fixing them after each event was quite tedious. After the Type III Hard Anodizing, Evolution Racewerks notice a big difference as there was considerably less damage. Even after hits and even accidents, the FMIC could take more abuse than before. Testing has shown no noticeable ill-effect from the Type III Hard Anodizing on performance (regular spray paint etc... has shown ill-effects on performance). Eventually, Evolution Racewerks started utilizing the same Type III Hard Anodize Black on Evolution Racewerks' street cars and FMIC applications. It's only natural Evolution Racewerks would offer the same finish for Evolution Racewerks' oil coolers.

Kit Options:

When the oil cooler box enclosures are used in conjunction with Evolution Racewerks' optional ducting shroud kits, the oil cooler box enclosure actually seals and forces all the airflow captured by the ducting shrouds through the oil cooler cores. Improves the oil cooler's effectiveness and efficiency. The ducting shroud kits are available in aluminum or carbon fiber. These are model and bumper specific so make sure you order the correct shroud kit.

The Competition Series Twin Oil Cooler Kit is ideal for those who track their cars. When the need finally comes for the Competition Series Oil Cooler Kit, you don't need to sell your Sports Oil Cooler Kit. Just purchase the upgrade kit! Conversion Kit For Early 2006 Model 335i With No Factory Oil Cooler: The very first 335i built in early 2006 did not come from the factory with an oil cooler. With the N54 engine running very hot, BMW quickly realized that this was a big mistake. An oil cooler was quickly added the next year. For those who do not have the factory oil cooler, you will need to convert your car's oil filter housing to a later model year that has external ports for an oil cooler. Evolution Racewerks are now offering these brand new genuine BMW parts to make the conversion.

  • Reduces the high oil temperatures that the N54 and N55 engine produces which helps reduce oil breakdown, improving the longevity of your car!
  • Large 9"x8"x2" (11"x8"x2" with end tanks) Oil Coolers. Factory stock oil cooler 8.75"x4.75"x1"
  • Over 350% larger capacity than the factory oil cooler!!!
  • Sports Oil Cooler has a total of 144 cubic inches of core! Factory oil cooler has 41 cubic inches.
  • Available with no finish (silver) orType III Hard BlackAnodizing(for stealth). Hard anodizing helps improve durability of intercooler fins against damage from road debris (rocks).
  • Enclosed box with venting louvers - protects oil coolers from road debris without sacrificing airflow!
  • High Quality Goodrich AN Fittings in Black Anodize.
  • High End Goodrich Nylon Braided Oil Lines - much better than Stainless Steel braided Oil Lines
  • Optional Carbon Fiber or Aluminum Shrouding to direct airflow through the oil coolers for improved efficiency.
  • Includes all hardware needed to install. No need to go hunting for hardware to finish the installation.
  • Developed under the harsh racing conditions on Evolution Racewerks' 135i Race Car.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Parts included: Oil Filter Housing, Oil Cooler Thermostat housing, gaskets and hardware.
  • BMW 335i 08-11
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