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Basic servicing of your vehicle's exhaust system can be achieved only with a few hand tools and the correct parts unless you need to restore the complete exhaust system. But which sections are the correct ones? The exhaust contains a variety of various components. In most cases, the main pieces???mufflers, pipes, and catalytic converters???need cutting and welding, so you might not want to do it yourself (though you certainly can). Exhaust gaskets, exhaust hangers, and exhaust clamps are among the major components that are not included in the general maintenance routine.

These pieces will eventually break, typically before the main components. The most frequent replacement parts for a conventional exhaust system are gaskets and hangers; hangers are normally replaced as part of repairing the other two components. There are various varieties of each; this article should assist you to figure out what you have and what you require. Gaskets will be covered in a later article; this one is about hangers and clamps.

Exhaust Hangers

Factory hangers are available in a variety of styles, from vehicle-specific to universal. Most automobiles employ universal-style hangers rather than vehicle-specific ones, which may shock you. This is because it is easier (and hence less expensive) for an automaker to use off-the-shelf exhaust pieces rather than spend hundreds of hours engineering and producing a bracket and hanger for a single car model. Some cars have highly specialized hangers, which was a prevalent practice from the late 1980s to the early 1990s.

Most current automobiles have a hanger system that comprises of 2 pegs and a rubber isolator bushing that may be easily replaced. The pegs like exaggerated arrows, with a big cone-shaped point that goes through the isolator but cannot be removed. These isolators isolate the exhaust from the chassis while collecting vibrations, resulting in a quiet, rattle-free exhaust system. These have quickly become the most common hanger style. One peg is usually welded to the tubing, while the other is usually welded to a small bracket bolted to the chassis. The isolators are universal, but the placements are vehicle-specific. There are several sizes to choose from to suit the factory isolator.

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Synthetic rubber or a blend of synthetic rubber and steel can be used for exhaust hangers. Exhaust clamps are typically composed of steel and are available in a variety of sizes to meet various exhaust pipe and connector sizes. Steel brackets are commonly used and can be mounted in a variety of locations.

Maintenance Tips and Suggestions

To keep your car healthy, have your exhaust system inspected regularly. Hangers or brackets that are loose, missing, or broken might cause the exhaust system to shift, resulting in a clunking or rubbing sound when driving. When a heated exhaust system is unsecured, it can melt wire, nylon lines, and rubber hoses. Clamps that are broken, torn, or misplaced can cause exhaust leakage and even separation at their connections. If exhaust gas, particularly carbon monoxide, reaches the car's interior, it can be fatal. A louder-than-normal exhaust sound, the exhaust coming from unexpected areas on your automobile, a "ticking" noise when driving, and the odor of exhaust are all signs of an exhaust leak. However, do not rely on your ability to smell to determine whether or not there is an exhaust leak.

Carbon monoxide is odorless. If you detect a problem with your exhaust system, have it checked by a professional as soon as possible. A failed emissions test is another sign of a possible exhaust leak. A leak permits not just exhaust gas but also oxygen into the exhaust stream, which can be identified during an emissions test. Before retesting, you'll almost always need to make repairs, so the leak is looked out by an expert.

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