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Exhaust Temp Gauge

Performance Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge

Diesel motors are not invulnerable at all. Apart from operating a diesel without oil or charging a fuel tank with petrol rather than diesel fuel, few things can harm or destroy a diesel engine quicker than the excess exhaust gas (EGT) temperature. Still, oddly enough, no diesel trucks or recreational vehicles are fitted with a pyrometer as standard features to track the EGT. Usually, EGTs remain within acceptable levels during normal operating conditions of such cars. Still, circumstances can arise where the EGT is too high, causing severe engine problems without any notice to the driver. An exhaust temperature gauge displaying diesel condition can alert the driver of dangerous situations before such problems occur. The exhaust gas temperature gauge (EGT gauge) is a device used to track the combustion engine's exhaust temperature in combination with the pyrometer-style thermocouple. EGT gauges are found in various cars and aircraft.

An exhaust gas temperature gauge (EGT gauge) is a meter used to monitor an internal combustion engine's exhaust gas temperature in conjunction with a thermocouple-type pyrometer. Exhaust gas temperature gauge is found in certain cars and aeroplanes. By tracking the EGT, the operator or pilot may get an indication of the air-fuel ratio (AFR) of the vehicle and aircraft.

Utilizing an EGT meter alone would be deemed an outdated strategy to get the most out of petrol and diesel engines, as a wide-band wireless oxygen sensor can be obtained for around the same price or for a little more. However, in conjunction with a large-band oxygen sensor, some sophisticated racers will use EGT gauges to 'lean' the fuel ratio a bit to increase the temperature for further control comfortably.

Why is Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge is Important?

The Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge serves as a measure of how hot the exhaust gasses are when they leave the combustion process and makes you informed of the volume of afterburning that happens in the exhaust manifold. If your car is operating too hot, the subsequent engine effect can be severe and may involve burned pistons, broken heads, turbo damage, and equipment failure. To prevent all the results of too high exhaust gas temperatures, we recommend you to use an exhaust gas temperature gauge available only here at our online store of Vivid Racing.

Advantages of a Performance Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge

Good EGT Gauge Means Engine Safety

Evaluating your EGT levels and reading your air-to-fuel ratio is critical for the protection of your car's service. With an excellent air-to-fuel balance, you can depend on smaller, but more importantly, healthier temperatures. However, with less balanced ratios, temperatures can rise to hazardous levels, leading to the risk of mechanical failure, defective spark plug, and other equipment and repair issues.

Easy to Install Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge

While some performance tuning is needed depending on what kind of engine you've configured, what kind of circumstances you're going to be driving, and so on, most of the time, the configuration of an exhaust gas temperature gauge is reasonably straightforward. Over this, it makes things simpler for you to do it, and simpler to get someone else to do it for you.

Fuel Efficiency

Since the exhaust gas temperature gauge lets you fine-tune your engine as well as track air-to-fuel ratios, it also makes it possible for your machine to work more efficiently when it comes to fuel consumption. This is particularly valid for longer journeys, either on the highway or on loop tracks. Not only does this save gasoline and cash, but it also saves time because you won't have to make as many changes to refill your tank.

Needless to say, how important the perfect mixture of air and fuel is for the safety and reliability of your engine. A wealthy or lean ratio can cause your vehicle's foundation to experience excessive heat, leading to catastrophic failures of your engine and exhaust system components, particularly the catalytic converter. To prevent this from occurring, you can use one of the pyrometers or, be more accurate, our exhaust gas temperature gauges that we carry to track the temperature of your exhaust gases. It will send you instant temperature measurements and let you know if your engine is running inadequately.

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