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Falken Wildpeak M/T01 Tire 33 X12.50R17 LT 120Q E2 BSW

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Model #28516710

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The Falken Wildpeak M/T all-terrain mud tire gives your off-road vehicle the power to easily drive through challenging terrains. This tire features Falkens proprietary DURASPEC three-ply sidewall technology, which helps the tire endure the most punishing off-road conditions. For added toughness, the tire has thick offset shoulder blocks that protect from sharp rocks, and the lower sidewall features heat diffusers that keep it cool even when towing or carrying heavy loads. The tires self-cleaning tread grooves eject mud and prevents buildup that reduces grip, and for on-road comfort, a three-pitch tread pattern provides a quieter ride than expected. Equip your truck, SUV or 4x4 with the Falken Wildpeak M/T all-terrain tire today.


  • Wheel Diameter: 17
  • Aspect Ratio: 12.5
  • Section Width (Cross Section): 33
  • Overall Diameter: 33
  • Rim Width Range: 8.5-11.5
  • Weight: 69
  • Tread Depth: 21
  • Load Index: 120
  • Max PSI: 65
  • Speed Rating (up to X mph): Up to 100 mph
  • Vendor Product Number / MPN: 28516710

Other Part Numbers:
Falken #26834

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

This limited warranty applies to Falken brand Original Equipment Passenger Car, Temporary Spare, and Light Truck steel belted radial tires bearing the complete description and serial number required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This warranty is effective only to tires for which claims are made within 6 (six) years of the date of production, based on the tire DOT serial number.

Falken tires that are originally equipped on this vehicle are warranted against any defects in the materials and workmanship for the usable life of the original tread. The limited warranty terminates at the flush appearance of the tread wear indicators at 1.6mm (2/32 of an inch) remaining tread depth.

Free Replacement:
If a tire becomes unserviceable due to such defect within the first 1.6mm (2/32 of an inch) of tread wear, the tire will be replaced free of charge with the same or comparable Falken tire (mounting and balancing labor covered).

Prorated Replacement:
After the first 1.6mm (2/32 of an inch) of wear, a prorated adjustment credit will be given based on the percentage of remaining usable tread depth, down to the remaining 1.6mm (2/32 of an inch) tread wear bar indicator (mounting and balancing labor covered). No credit is given if the tire is worn beyond the flush appearance of the tread wear bar indicator (less than 1.6mm (2/32 of an inch) tread depth remaining).

Out-of-Round / Out-of-Balance Replacement:
Tires that are deemed to be out-of-round or out-of-balance will be accepted for adjustment during the first 0.8mm (1/32 of an inch) of the original tread depth and will be replaced free of charge with the same or similar Falken tires (mounting and balancing labor covered). A set of four (4) tires from the same vehicle will not be accepted for out-of-round or out-of-balance claims.

  • Tires that become unserviceable due to road hazard damages (cuts, snags, punctures, bruises, impact breaks, etc.) improper repair technique or materials, improper inflation, overload, irregular wear, wheel imbalance, defective mechanical vehicle components (brakes, suspension, wheels, etc.) improper suspension alignment, accident, fire, chemical damage, damage from chain use, racing, off-road use, run flat, improper installation, vandalism, or abuse.
  • Tires branded "NA" or a tire in which the DOT numbering has been removed.
  • Tires that were transferred to another vehicle from the vehicle in which the tires were originally installed.
  • Tires having a failure or failures caused by a previous damages or repairs.
  • The cost of tire repair or retreading is not covered by this warranty and will be the sole responsibility of the tire owner.