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Laufenn I Fit Ice Tires

The Laufenn I Fit Ice studdable winter tire is developed to handle harsh winter driving conditions and save you dollars over larger name-brand winter tires. The I Fit Ice features the finest in winter tire innovation for reliable efficiency on ice and snow-covered roads and is targeted at owners of various sedans, cars, minivans, and SUVs. Laufenn employs a specific high-grip silica winter rubber tread composition designed for low climates and provides improved traction on cold, dry, or wet pavement. In addition, 3-D wave sipes and a snow kerf structure around the tire improve traction and brake effectiveness on snow, slush, ice, and wet roads.

Laufenn I Fit Ice Tire is Perfect For Winter Conditions

The I Fit Ice also features small absorbent pores in the tread blocks that collect water and slush for added grip in winter situations. This is a significant benefit of this tire. If you reside in a region with exceptionally harsh winter conditions, this tire is also pinned for mounting studs. While advanced stud pin design is not uncommon on winter tires, Laufenn has used it on this tire. The studs are organized into 16 different lines, with several stud lines on the central tread blocks. On slippery roads, this dramatically improves cornering grip and stability. Two wide steel belts, a jointless full cover, and a higher strength bead filler are all used within the tire to guarantee extended tread life and improved handling at greater speeds. The Laufenn I Fit Ice is available in various sizes ranging from 14 to 18 inches, with all sizes having a T-speed rating. There's also a limited tread warranty.

Laufenn I Fit Ice Tires' Features

  • In snowy and icy winter road conditions, this tire provides drivers with pleasant and proficient driving performance
  • On wet and icy winter roads, an improved tread design and specific winter rubber composition assure maximum performance
  • On slick snowy or icy winter roads, and improved stud pin configuration design improves both braking and steering performance
  • In the snow and ice-covered road tire construction, I FIT Ice incorporates the latest tech for safety and security

Enhanced Traction In Ice

These Laufenn I Fit Ice tires have a more extreme tread design that uses larger tread blocks and wider spaces to provide improved grip in various circumstances. The goal of these Laufenn I Fit Ice tires is to provide long tire life and good performance in a variety of weather conditions. Only winter tires will provide you with adequate stopping power and secure handling on snowy or icy routes. This is because they are created extremely differently. How do you do it? A different type of compound. The summer and all-season tires rubber compound is firmer. When the tire is rolling on heated pavement, this helps it maintain its form. Winter tires are made of hydrophilic (or "water-loving") rubber, which remains softer and more malleable in the cold. One reason you gain more traction on snow and ice is that the rubber is more flexible. The tread design is another cause. Laufenn I Fit Ice tires have a greater “void-to-lug" ratio, which means that the grooves between the tread blocks are larger (the lugs). In addition, the tread blocks feature uneven, sharp edges.

About Laufenn Tires

Laufenn is the solution to all your transportation demands, whether you're traveling the urban jungles, going on a family vacation, or everything in between. Laufenn is a well-known automotive company that offers tires for passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks. It was founded in 2015. At Laufenn, their goal is to provide a wide range of high-end items to smart and price-conscious driving enthusiasts that will provide them with the best quality, functionality, and value. The Laufenn brand is the result of decades of engineering quality and skill, exhibiting a tremendous thirst for expansion in the global automotive market. It is managed under the umbrella of premium tire maker Hankook Tire.

Laufenn seeks to deliver you optimal performance and billions of kilometers of driving pleasure with regular tire performance enhancements, driven by a continual stream of feats in value for money. To be on the cutting edge of technology and open up new opportunities to lead new trends, the company invests heavily in R&D. The Technical Centre (ETC) in Germany develops Laufenn tires. At the same time, the production process takes place in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Hungary. It has some of the most cutting-edge equipment and strict quality control, which its highly trained employees ensure.

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