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What is an Exhaust Flange and What is it For?

Little things matter. It’s the little things in a car’s engine that hold it all together. Case in point: exhaust flanges.

Exhaust flanges are one of those little yet essential parts that many people don’t think about until they go bad. They are responsible for connecting and sealing various points of the exhaust system. 

Flange joints are found between the exhaust manifold and the header pipe. Although, many vehicles these days use this type of connection to join together other exhaust parts such as a mufflers, downpipes, and catalytic converters.

Exhaust pipe flanges are constantly subjected to temperature extremes. These parts are made from strong materials (stainless steel). These junctions can also fall victim to rust over time, especially in the states where the roads are covered with salt in the winter – looking at you, Utah.

Exhaust flanges are essential in preventing the leaks in your exhaust system. They go in between the gaskets and your headers, and then in your pipes, and ultimately, mufflers.

The exhaust manifold – or headers – in your car might be a set of pipes or a cast-iron manifold assembly. Equivalent to plumbing, these pipes scavenge burned gas from the cylinders and eject the exhaust gases through your exhaust system – which, depending on your car – makes lovely pops and crackles. The purpose of the exhaust flange is to seal the surface of the manifold to the cylinder head to prevent leaks in the system. Exhaust gases are hot and any leakage in your engine bay might cause bigger problems other than less efficient breathing.

The exhaust is the system where leaks are unacceptable, so fragile connections should be taken care of in time. 

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Whether you need vehicle specific or universal exhaust flanges, we have you covered. We carry parts in the most common sizes, including 2-inch exhaust flanges and 3-inch exhaust flanges. Whatever your application, here you’ll find suitable components for it.

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