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Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers BMW 318i E36 92-98

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Fortune Auto

Model #FA500-E36

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The new Fortune Auto Generation 6 Internal Floating Piston is considerably lighter and uses a low-drag teflon band that drastically reduces stiction. This allows the damper to react quicker to shock forces. The Fortune Auto 500 series damper shaft seals have 40% less drag than our previous models. This provides for less hysteresis and for superior control of driver inputs. Our new seals are made of a specially formulated Buna rubber compound that provides a great balance between reliability and performance! Since the shaft seal is the most important seal on the shock, a stronger seal will greatly improve quality and performance.

Shims are deflection disks that cover up the port holes on a piston. They regulate the fluid flow which generates the force found in a damper. "Valving" or "re-valving" of a shock is accomplished by using a variety of shims that will ultimately provide enough resistance and damping ability for a particular application. Minute differences in the shims diameter and thickness are very critical; just a thousandths of an inch of variation in the dimensions can change a damper s force profile up to + or - 25%. The shims consistency is crucial in matching shock absorbers to one another. Generation 6 dampers utilize a high-grade shim material made of Sandvik steel, ensuring precision matched dampers.

Bright dip anodizing is a chemical polishing / anodizing process that is very effective in enhancing the integrity of the aluminum. Bright dipping created a brilliant, shiny surface which protects the 6061 forged aluminum parts from corrosion and oxidation ensuring that your parts look great for years to come. Fortune Auto Revised Jetting and increased adjustment range provides a larger range for more accurate damper control. Each click in the adjustment range has a very profound effect on the dampening force. Each click provides a distinct audible sound.

The delicate science behind the strength of piston shafts can be difficult to perfect. Through extensive research and development, Fortune Auto has been able to achieve and optimal balance between shaft hardness and malleability to ensure safety and performance. Utilizing in-house engineers, Fortune Auto has been able to reinforce brackets and mounting points for more rigidity and strength. Most applications will include OEM brake line tabs welded directly to the lower mounts. This provides the end user with a cleaner and safer installation.

Digressive piston technology allows for tremendous amounts of low speed force that translates driver inputs into razor sharp control. Furthermore, the force "blows off" to provide the driver with a supple compliant ride while maintaining superior mechanical grip over rough surfaces.


  • Bright Dipped Anodized
  • Revised Jetting
  • Stronger Piston Shafts
  • Structural Improvements
  • Digressive Pistons
  • Dyno Tuned and Tested
  • Top Mount:
    • Front: Pillowball Camber Plate
    • Rear: Separate Spring
  • Spring Rate:
    • Front: 8K
    • Rear: 10K (S)
  • Custom Rates Available: Yes
Available Upgrades (sold separately):
  • FA-SWIFT-xx/xx: Swift Springs
  • FA-RBM: Radial Beading Mounts
  • FA-ExT: Rear Adjustment Extenders
  • BMW 318i E36 92-98
  • Fortune Auto Products are made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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Vehicle Engine Notes
BMW 318i


All Fortune Auto coilovers and products are for off road use or Motorsports use ONLY, and may never be installed on vehicles that will be driven on a public road or highway.

Fortune Auto North American products are covered by a 1 year limited* manufacturers (non-transferable) warranty (from purchase date). This limited warranty covers parts and products that are only used in off road use or Motorsport environments. This limited warranty covers hard parts such as mounts and shock bodies. It also covers consumable parts such as seals, shafts, fluids and leaking shocks. This warranty is limited to the United States and Canada. Parts and labor are covered however shipping is not covered.

Generation 4, 5, 6, and 7 products are covered by a 5 year limited manufacturers (non-transferable) warranty limited to the United States and Canada. This limited warranty covers hard parts such as mounts, top hats, camber plates and shock bodies for 5 years from the purchase date. It also covers consumable parts such as seals, shafts, fluids, pillow ball mounts and leaking shocks 1 year from the purchase date. Parts and labor are covered however shipping is not covered.

Generation 4, 5, 6, & 7 hard parts are defined as: Lower Mounts, Locking Collars, Spring Seats, Spring Gaskets, Top Hats or Camber Plates and Hardware such as studs and bolts. All hard parts carry a 5 year limited warranty on Generation 4, 5, 6, & 7 shock absorbers.

Generation 4, 5, 6, & 7 consumable parts are defined as: Pillow balls, Piston Shafts, Jetting Assemblies, Shaft Seals, O-ring Seals, Shock Absorber Internals, Springs, Shock Absorber Oil, Shock Absorber Fluid & Gas Leaks. All consumable parts carry a 1 year limited warranty on Generation 4, 5, 6, & 7 shock absorbers.

Fortune Auto North America warranties its products to the original retail purchaser against defects in workmanship and material.

The warranty does not apply to the following:
  1. Any products not purchased through authorized Fortune Auto North American dealers.
  2. Any products that show abuse, improper installation or collision.
  3. Any products that are used on public roads, highways, government maintained roads or non motorsport conditions.
  4. Any products that have been altered in any way.
  5. Any products that are not professionally installed.
  6. Any products that show normal corrosion wear and tear.

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