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Who is FourWerx Carbon?

FourWerx Carbon is an aftermarket company that started back in early 2007. The company is known for its products made out of the most exquisite materials globally, carbon fiber and titanium. Being passionate about motocross and ATV Racing, the company decided to provide drivers and racers with the highest quality products for their racing needs. Today, Fourwerx Carbon is the leader when it comes to lightweight technology in their market segment.

Built By Racers For Fellow Racers

As fellow enthusiasts and racers build the company, it is a no brainer that their products would be tried and tested by real racers on real race tracks. This allows them to gather vital data in real-time and make the necessary improvement in their products. That is why you can be sure that all the parts you would get from Fourwerx are tested for their functionality and durability.

Most Trusted Brand

FourWerx is considered one of the fastest-growing companies in the aftermarket scene. Different companies, racing teams, and drivers trust FourWerx to provide them with the lightweight parts they need for their high-performance application. The company offers carbon fiber body panels, interior pieces and machined parts made of aluminum or titanium. 

Purchase FourWerx Carbon At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for high-quality carbon fiber pieces for your ATV, then FourWerx Carbon is the brand for you. To know more about FourWerx, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fort your specific need.