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Fuel Lines

Fuel Line | Should I Upgrade My Fuel Lines?

The fuel line is a hose used to transport fuel from one point of the vehicle to another or from a storage tank to a vehicle. It is usually made of reinforced rubber to prevent splitting and kinking. Rigid lines and flexible hoses transport fuel from the tank to the carburetor or fuel injection system. If you want to add components to upgrade your car's fuel system to increase flow and performance, you will quickly find that factory lines and hoses are no longer suitable for work. 

And even if you could connect your stock lines or hoses to a high-flow fuel pump, would it make any sense to try to squeeze the increased volume through the standard pipe and hose? Fuel line and hose are also commonly upgraded to improve safety. Performance lines, hoses and fittings are designed to operate under high pressures and temperatures, and many racing organizations specify their use. But even if you're not racing, these components will make it possible for mods to safely plumb a high-pressure EFI unit into an older vehicle.

But even though you can increase fuel flow and your safety factor with fuel lines, fittings, and hoses, we know that often this is an upgrade that is mostly made for appearance. Bright stainless steel flanged hose connected to colorful anodized aluminum AN fittings are just as much a part of custom car construction and hot-rolling as chrome and fat tires. But whatever you want to do with your fuel system, look, performance, or both, we've got the components for the job. Our flexible hose selection ranges from traditional woven steel chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) synthetic rubber to the latest woven Teflon hose in a wide range of inner and outer diameters.

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