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Performance Fuel Rails

What is a Fuel Rail and what does it do?

A fuel rail is high pressure tubing which takes fuel to the injectors in an internal combustion engine. A fuel rail, one of the critical components of the fuel injector, is responsible for stably supplying fuel, such as gasoline, to the injector. Used in advanced direct-injection gasoline engines, a fuel rail helps achieve high levels of fuel efficiency and environmental performance.

The fuel rail is typically made of metal such as stainless steel and aluminum. Aside from sheet metal, the rail may also be fabricated using plastic, which reduces overall weight. This is structured in a way that it can withstand high pressures and the harsh environment under the hood.

This high-pressure tubing goes all the way to the top of the fuel injectors. In a conventional multi-point fuel injection engine, this tubing is mounted on the engine and bolted onto the manifold or the cylinder head. The size and shape of the fuel rail conform to the engine design and fuel delivery system of the vehicle.

This is how it works: The high-pressure pump applies system pressure to the fuel, which the fuel rail then delivers to the injectors. The pressure in the fuel rail is adjusted as necessary by a high-pressure pump. And then a high-pressure sensor on the rail measures the fuel pressure as a control variable. A pressure-limiter valve in the high-pressure pump ensures that the maximum permissible pressure in the fuel rail is not exceeded.

Wan to add more power? A performance fuel rail is a must-have mod. A high performance fuel rail works perfect with a fuel pump and larger injectors of a high rating to supply more fuel into the engine. Addition of a fuel rail will improve heat dissipation too. Increased fuel rail diameter over the stock setup will prove useful for drivers pushing much more horsepower over the OEM setup. 

Vivid Racing carries Fuel Rails from all the top manufacturers in the automotive industry. Our manufacturers include: AEM fuel rail, Agency Power fuel rail, AMS fuel rails, Cosworth fuel rails, HKS fuel rails, InlinePro fuel rails, Perrin fuel rails, Skunk2 fuel rails, Tomei fuel rails and Turbosmart Fuel Rails.

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