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Fujitsubo Wagolis Exhaust Honda Odyssey 2WD 2003-2006



Model #450-57031

Shopper Award


Fujitsubo's spirit is to "produce the highest quality products". This has not changed since Fujitsubo was first established in 1931. This spirit does not only pertain to creating highly efficient and high quality exhausts and manifolds, but it also applies to our customer's satisfaction. This is the reason Research and development is performed with people, motor vehicles, society, environment etc, all thought as one, to create a product through diversity.

Fujitsubo is continuously pursuing advanced technologies. A chassis dynometer, 1/3 octave band sound analysis device, and other specialized equipment are utilized to accumulate important data from the latest technologies. Increased productivity through advanced 3D laser processing machines and automated pipe benders. Strict quality control with CCD cameras, image analysis software, and 3D CAD. Cumulative performance analysis through actual vehicle testing. This type of research, development, and production structure has led to the Fujitsubo patented exhaust manifold (Pat. No. 1320379).


  • Standard vehicles only, Absolute attachment not Modulo rear lower skirt (type ZZ) vehicles equipped with common minor after the M aero package common
  • Exit shape:102 to 72 round Oval slash (RL)
  • Pipe diameter: 50.8
  • Minimum ground clearance:Roof High 1568Mm (automobile inspection certificate 1550 mm) measured in the car, 139 mm in (1345Mm behind the front axle) center muffler front
  • Intermediate acceleration:Stock: 4.8 seconds - Fujitsubo: 4.7 seconds
  • Maximum output:Stock: 117.8kw (160.2ps) / 5470rpm - Fujitsubo: 121.7kw (165.5ps) / 5450rpm
  • Maximum torque:Stock: 224.4Nm (22.9kgm) / 4260rpm - Fujitsubo: 226.4Nm (23.1kgm) / 4460rpm
  • Weight:Stock: 21.5kg - Fujitsubo: 20.6kg
  • Volume idling:Stock: 55dB - Fujitsubo: 54dB
  • Middle RPM Sound:Stock: 61dB - Fujitsubo: 73dB
  • High RPM Sound:Stock: 74dB - Fujitsubo: 78dB
  • Mid RPM Acceleration Sound:Stock: 84dB - Fujitsubo: 86dB
  • Honda Odyssey 2WD 2003-2006
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Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
Honda Odyssey

Who Is Fujitsubo?

FUJITSUBO was started in 1937 and is one of the most renowned Japanese exhaust manufacturers. They're best known for outstanding power output, manufacturing quality, and sustainability on the markets. Therefore, all products are built with the highest quality and carefully checked to ensure optimal performance while preserving an acceptable level of sound through continuous research and development at its ISO accredited manufacturing plant. The Japan Automotive Safety Regulation enacted on all Fujitsubo products.

Why Choose Fujitsubo Exhaust?

Fujitsubo produces the strongest and lighter steel in Japan, bending, cutting, and welding its products, and the finished product gives rivals around the world the leading edge. The naming of Fujitsubo is possibly familiar to those who spent time in Japanese performance vehicles. For those who don't know, for virtually every Japanese car that has ever rolled off a production line Fujitsubo has designed a high-performance exhaust.

In pursuit of a new exhaust system to optimize project efficiency Fujitsubo has been the first name to be used by the clients. They are also known for simple power improvements, but it is at the top of any change to update the stock cast manifold to a proper header

Fujitsubo Exhaust at Vivid Racing

You can contact Vivid Racing today by calling (480) 966-3040 if you are interested in learning more about Fujitsubo or wish to make the order.

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