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Who is Fusion 4x4?

Fusion 4x4 is an aftermarket company specializing in manufacturing axle and differential upgrades for various offroad vehicles. They are known for creating products that are superior compared to their stock counterparts and are best for the enthusiast who prefers to use the road less taken by others. 

Today, they have supplied parts to seasoned racers and has proven itself when the vehicles fitted with their parts won the prestigious King of the Hammers.

Customer First

All of Fusion’s products are made to ensure that it satisfies the customer’s needs. Learning what their customers want enabled the company to become successful as they were able to provide the right product and exceed the client’s expectation.

Quality Product

Fusion manufactures all of its parts 100% in the USA, helping them control the quality of the end product and keeps the cost at an affordable level.

The company uses high-quality materials such as A572 steel which makes their differential durable. They use state-of-the-art equipment for their manufacturing processes such as a CNC and laser cutter that cuts the components accurately. This produces a more consistent product.

Their parts are well built and carefully thought of that they were able to create a differential that is around 50 pounds lighter than stock. Even so, these are more durable and reliable compared to the Original Equipment.

Purchase Fusion 4x4 parts at Vivid Racing

If your rig’s stock driveline is not enough for you, then it's time for an upgrade. Check out Fusion 4x4 as they offer upgraded parts such as lockers and complete axles. 

They are better, faster, and provide better ground clearance compared to the stock parts. Visit Vivid Racing and see the list of parts that is suitable for your specific needs.