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Why Should You Invest in Racing Motorcycle Goggles?

Although motorcycle goggles don't have the same hotness as a helmet or leather, they're still an essential part of your outfit. If you enjoy throwing dirt and dirt into the air while off-roading or commuting to work on your motorcycle, you'll need a good pair of goggles to provide safety, good vision, and, of course, fashion. Unless you're a frog, that is. You're not going to enjoy flies flying into your face as you drive down the highway, mainly if they fly right into your eyes.

Wind and rain can also be distracting, which is why motorcycle goggles are recommended. Not to mention, you'll want to make sure your eyes are safe from UV rays as well. As you might be aware, motorcycle goggles aren't very creative, but that doesn't mean they're all the same. There are expensive goggles that are a waste of money and less expensive goggles that are surprisingly good at what they do. The only problem is that so many of them choose that it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth searching for.

Everyone can purchase prescription goggles if you have an open face helmet. However, in a collision, an open-face helmet does not have nearly as much safety as a full-face helmet. Choose goggles with 100% UV protection and shatterproof lenses. If you're going to ride at night, the lenses should be clear. Synthetic straps can not breathe, and leather or silk straps when they contact your skin. When wearing your helmet, the straps should be able to be adjusted for convenience. If your goggles aren't balanced properly, they can put a lot of pressure on your nose bridge, brow, and cheeks. The goggles' frame should be ventilated; otherwise, they will fog up. When wearing an open-face mask, goggles are more effective at keeping wind and dirt out of your eyes.

100% Racing Motorcycle Goggles

In the early 1980s, Drew Lien created his company entirely with $100. He was the first to create a "Cable Erector." "How much effort do you give?" was the company's initial tagline, and it still drives the company today with its line of 100% dirt bike goggles. With the finest line of goggles filled with creativity and technology, 100% provides 100 percent eye safety. 100% Goggles has an increasing product portfolio with different features to address all types of riding and environments and varying price points the novice can afford eye safety. At the same time, the veteran can look for advanced features for improved fitment or even their OTG or "over the glasses" line. Because of the prominent 100% emblem on the head harness, you can always tell whether someone is wearing 100% goggles on the track or trail.

EKS Racing Motorcycle Goggles

EKS motocross goggles are some of the best in the business when it comes to eye safety. With a lightweight urethane frame, you can be certain that the EKS dirt bike goggles will be so relaxed that you'll forget you're wearing them! EKS goggles recognize the importance of both performance and design. If you want the Concussion EKS goggle or the Scatter-X, you'll get style as well as the required tear-off posts for a long trip. For the perfect trip, having a clear vision is important, and EKS brand goggles do not hesitate. Dirt and debris are kept out of your EKS goggles with a reticulated venting device, but the air is allowed to circulate, so that fogging is avoided.

FMF Motorcycle Goggles

SCOTT first joined the motocross goggle market in 1970 with the first-ever motocross goggle and later expanded to include motocross boots, grips, and accessories. The new lens change goggle (LCG) from SCOTT features SCOTT's lens change slider framework. The LCG is a multi-award-winning lens changer that easily allows users to change lenses without touching the lens' surface. The latest Prospect Goggle begins a new chapter in SCOTT's illustrious goggle history. The SCOTT Prospect, built on 45 years of experience, pushes the boundaries of the field of vision, comfort, and lens retention. The WFS50, a SCOTT-designed device, is compatible with the goggle. The WFS50 is a larger and finer-tuned roll-off device that will once again set the standard in this industry.

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