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What Is Hippo Sleek?

Hippo Sleek is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality domestic aerodynamic parts. Its headquarters is located in Midori-Ku, Yokohama, Japan. The company's mission is to produce stylish and sports aerodynamic parts that will elevate a vehicle’s appearance while also improving its performance and efficiency. After all, having both form and function, without compromise, is very important for enthusiasts, gearheads, and serious racers alike. Hippo Sleek puts in countless hours to ensure the fitment of its products is second to none; its parts can be easily installed without any hassle. 

Hippo Sleek recently started its own aero parts painting service. Consumers can now choose from high-grade, genuine painted parts at a reasonable price. Two-tone colors are also available. All original Hippo Sleek aero products will be painted with a base layer and then three additional layers. Hippo Sleek is confident in the quality of its products and the applied coatings, guaranteeing they will last for years to come.  

What Does Hippo Sleek Offer?

Hippo Sleek offers a wide array of aerodynamic parts and accessories, including front bumpers, rear bumpers, carbon eyebrows, side skirts, carbon mirror covers, door knob covers, carbon/fiberglass roof spoilers, rear lip spoilers, and much more! 

Hippo Sleek carbon parts are manufactured from high-grade, quality carbon for a unique look that stands out. The company’s silver/carbon lineup of popular eyebrow and door mirror covers paved the way for the production of door knob covers as well. These parts exude luxury and bring about a dramatically improved presence. The surfaces of the door and mirror covers are clear-painted before shipping so there is minimal fading and the quality is unmatched. The finish is outstanding and installation is a breeze thanks to the double-sided tape!

Hippo Sleek even offers interior products like front tables that attach to the glove box in front of the passenger’s seat. Its easy-to-use layout is an added bonus with room for drinks, accessories, and other items on the go. It is designed for luxury and to secure the space as much as possible. The Hippo Sleek front table transforms the passenger seat into a more comfortable space altogether. While the front table was initially widely used in minivans and luxury vehicles, it can now be found in sports cars. Hippo Sleek succeeded in achieving both convenience and comfort as a result of developing it as a functional item with a design suitable for small spaces.

Buy Hippo Sleek Parts at Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing carries a variety of Hippo Sleek parts, including front and rear bumpers, carbon eyebrows, side skirts, mirror covers, roof spoilers, and rear lip spoilers, for Subaru and Nissan. If you have any questions regarding Hippo Sleek or the items above, please call our specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040. We look forward to helping you through the purchase process and getting you on your way to some unique Hippo Sleek upgrades.