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Why Buy an Aftermarket Hood?

Your car's hood is one of the first things a lot of people notice when they look at the front of your vehicle. For the most part, OEM hoods use a very boring design with no scoops or vents, however, there are some exceptions.

With how large your hood is, it's a great opportunity for weight reduction. Many aftermarket hoods are available with a carbon fiber construction which is significantly lighter than a steel or aluminum hood. Less weight improves handling, braking, and acceleration.

Of course, carbon fiber is more expensive than other materials because of the complexity in creating a quality carbon fiber weave. Cheaper hoods are typically available in FRP or aluminum, which is still quite a bit lighter than a steel hood.

Many aftermarket hoods feature air scoops or vents which can help keep your engine cool by removing hot air from the engine bay. Air scoops can also be used for top mount intercoolers, such as a Subaru WRX. For cars making big power, air vents massively improve cooling which lets you run your car harder for longer.

There are several different types of hoods available here at Vivid Racing. These include louvered hoods, air extractor hoods, cowl induction hoods, ram air hoods, and flat/bulged hoods. Contact us at 1-480-966-3040 for the best deals on car hoods and bonnets. We have everything you need and will help you throughout the purchasing process. Feel free to email or call us today!