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Hurst Engineering Limited Slip Differential w/ Final Gear Ratio's 2.76-3.42 GM 12-Bolt Truck 1963-1987

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Model #02-124

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Are you stuggling for traction, or just have some terrible noise coming from the GM 12-bolt in your truck? Hurst Engineering Limited Slip Differentials offer great traction and strength, but are not overly aggressive for the street. These differentials are 4-spring, composite, clutch-style, limited-slip carriers-with internal gears machined from forged 4320 steel and stronger teeth. These differentials are for GM 12-bolt 30 spline rear ends, and are compatible with 2.76-3.42 ring & pinion gears. Get rid of that old open differential and upgrade to a limited slip unit!

Product Features:

  • Fits 2.76-3.42 Gear Ratio (Also Fits Thick Gears)
  • Fits 12T GM with 30 Spline Axles
  • Composite Clutches for great driveability
  • Feature 4320 chromoly spider gears for ultimate durability
  • Gears are cut to provide the strongest teeth possible in any terrain
Product Specifications:
  • Brand: Hurst Engineering
  • Differential Type: Limited Slip
  • Emission Code: 6
  • Product Type: Differential
  • Rear Axle Type: GM 12-Bolt (12T)
Product Fitment:
    Chevrolet 1963-1987
  • Chevrolet C10
  • Chevrolet C10 Pickup
  • Chevrolet C10 Suburban
  • Chevrolet C15
  • Chevrolet C20
  • Chevrolet C20 Pickup
  • Chevrolet C20 Suburban
  • Chevrolet C30
  • Chevrolet C30 Pickup
  • Chevrolet C35
  • Chevrolet K10
  • Chevrolet K10 Pickup
  • Chevrolet K10 Suburban
  • Chevrolet K20
  • Chevrolet K20 Suburban
  • Chevrolet K30
  • Chevrolet K30 Pickup
  • Chevrolet K5 Blazer
  • Chevrolet R10
  • Chevrolet R10 Suburban
  • Chevrolet R1500 Suburban
  • Chevrolet R20
  • Chevrolet R20 Suburban
  • Chevrolet R2500
  • Chevrolet R2500 Suburban
  • Chevrolet R30
  • Chevrolet R3500
  • Chevrolet V10
  • Chevrolet V10 Suburban
  • Chevrolet V1500 Suburban
  • Chevrolet V20
  • Chevrolet V20 Suburban
  • Chevrolet V2500 Suburban
  • Chevrolet V30
  • Chevrolet V3500
  • GMC 1963-1987
  • GMC C15
  • GMC C15 Suburban
  • GMC C15/C1500 Pickup
  • GMC C15/C1500 Suburban
  • GMC C25
  • GMC C25 Suburban
  • GMC C25/C2500 Pickup
  • GMC C25/C2500 Suburban
  • GMC C35
  • GMC C35/C2500
  • GMC Jimny
  • GMC K15
  • GMC K15 Suburban
  • GMC K15/K1500 Pickup
  • GMC K15/K1500 Suburban
  • GMC K25
  • GMC K25 Suburban
  • GMC K25/K2500 Pickup
  • GMC K25/K2500 Suburban
  • GMC K35
  • GMC K35/K3500 Pickup
  • GMC R1500 Suburban
  • GMC R2500
  • GMC R2500 Suburban
  • GMC R3500
  • GMC V1500 Suburban
  • GMC V2500 Suburban
  • GMC V3500

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Chevrolet C/K 10

Chevrolet C/K 20

Chevrolet C/K 30

Chevrolet R/V 10

Chevrolet R/V 20

Chevrolet R/V 30

Who is Hurst Performance?

Hurst Performance is an aftermarket company that was established back in 1958 as an auto repair shop. It was initially named as Hurst-Campbell after its founders George Hurst and Bill Campbell.

They manufactured aftermarket bumpers for VW buses which were popular at the time. Later on, they shifted to manufacturing piston-driven gearshifts, and the rest is history. Today, they have become the leading brand when it comes to transmission shifters and is recognized all over the globe.

Racer’s Brand of Choice

It was in the 1960s when Hurst became popular in the racing world. They have become the brand of choice of various drag racers and custom car builders. Their shifter was the best replacement for those flimsy factory shifters that allow the user better control, which is needed especially when it comes to competitive driving.

Better than Factory Parts

Hurst shifters were so good that various US automakers such as General Motors used their shifters as Original Equipment for their vehicle line up. By adding the Hurst brand on their vehicle, it helped the company increase its vehicle sale.

Hurst has been an icon in the automotive industry. And in 2008, Hurst Performance vehicles created modern renditions such as the Hurst Viper, Hurst Challenger, and Hurst Camaro.

Purchase Hurst Products at Vivid Racing

If you are in search of a high-quality shifter for your vehicle then Hurst is the brand for you. They have been in the business for more than 60 years and has continuously provided its customers the best product available in the market. To know more about Hurst, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific needs.

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