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Vivid Racing carries a wide array of intake manifolds for every car and truck on the road! Brands include aFe, Banks Power, HKS, Ford Racing, IPD Plenum, Greddy, and many more!

It can be argued that that intake manifold is one of the most interesting components of the internal combustion engine. The intake manifold is responsible for evenly distributing the air/fuel mixture to each cylinder. Your engine’s power output and performance rely heavily on how well the intake flows, and how evenly the air and fuel are allocated. It also serves as a mount for the carburetors (on older engines) and fuel injectors (on newer engines). While the job of an exhaust manifold is to collect all the exhaust gasses and combine them into one outlet, the intake manifold takes the single air inlet and feeds each one of the cylinders.

Aside from the cold air intake, an aftermarket intake manifold is a popular upgrade when it comes to performance. This is for a good reason too, because the more air and fuel that you give your engine, the more power it will produce in return. The difference between OEM and performance intake manifolds is that the latter feature smoother contours and larger ports. These differences allow for your engine to breathe more freely in comparison to the one your vehicle came equipped with.

Buy online or call us at 1-480-966-3040. If you don't see what you are looking for just ask; we can help. Vivid Racing is here to answer all of your questions and attend to your concerns. After all, Vivid Racing was voted #1 in customer service nationwide!