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K40 Electronics EX Laser Defuser


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K40 Electronics Ex Laser Defuser

Police radars and lasers are a speed enthuisiast s worst enemy. A radar and laser detector will alert you to these threats, but it is entirely up to the driver to slow down. What about when you can???t slow down in time?
LIDAR, or light detection ranging, uses the same principles as RADAR; transmitting light and using the speed of the reflection to analyze the speed of a passing object. The purpose of the Defuser Ex is to jam the laser by sending a signal that the police scanner can???t understand, thus giving the driver precious time to slow down if they are exceeding the posted speed limit. This device is great as a standalone laser jammer or paired with the LR100 or LR360 detection systems.
The Defuser Ex is an active protection system, meaning that it is always on. It is encased in special plastic and disguised as an ordinary license plate frame. When it receives a laser light signal it notifies the driver with a unique audible and visual alert. At the same time the driver receives the alert, the device is jamming the laser. The Defuser Ex is a good addition to any detection system because it actively alerts and buys a driver time to adjust speed, whereas a standard detection system would alert you, but could do nothing about the laser. The Ex and Ex-2 are designed to be integrated seamlessly with the RL100 and RL360 detectors.
Even though the Defuser Ex mounts in the front license plate area, it protects the entire front of a traditional size car at typical reading ranges between 800-1200 feet. The Laser Defuser is designed to work with any make or model of vehicle, with or without the frame. If you are not required to have a front license plate, the design of the Defuser allows for it to be removed from its frame and mounted in the grill or air vent using the Universal Mounting Bracket. For larger profile vehicles, we recommend the Defuser Ex2.

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All K40 Electronics products carry a one year “repair or replace” Limited Warranty. This coverage begins on date of purchase and applies to defects in product materials and workmanship only. Installation, removal, or misuse is not covered.

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