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Kuhl Racing GT2 Rear Bumper Nissan R35 GT-R


Kuhl Racing

Model #KUL-RBGT2-HG-R35

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This body kit is based on a racing design for optimal aerodynamics.


  • The KUHL RACING SG-TYPE aero parts are FRP (bound together with cloth mat glass fiber) based and are made to be up to 30% stronger than oridnary FRP body kits.
  • The front bumper features is a large opening, a reverse spindle design, and adds to the areo dynamic concepts with the deep distinctive vertical ducts on both sides.
  • 'Front Under Diffuser' and 'Grille Top Modling' can be added to the front bumper.
  • The side steps are about 4 inches wide and has a large duct to give it an unique 3-dimensional feel.
  • Combined with the side step diffusers, it gives it a 2 step look which gives the GT-R a wider and more race inspired look.
  • The deep (8 inches) design of the rear bumper along with the large ducts gives the rear of the vehicle an impactful first impression.
  • The rear underbody diffuser is designed aerodymanically for added downforce.

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


The Kuhl Racing brand manufactures genuine aero parts and original parts like GT-R,86, Prius, Prius, swift sport, and many more. It also makes complete customized cars for the latest ones. Kuhl Racing is relatively new to the automotive aftermarket body kit industry. They were also displayed at the Toyota stand at the SEMA event in Las Vegas in 2016.


The aero parts are pursued through aerodynamics and are based on racing design while it makes it look and feel like a supercar. The KUHL RACING aero parts are made of FRP and come in two grades: high grade (HG) and strong grade (SG). FRP materials are used in both of these grades. The SG is made of FRP material, which is 1.3 times stronger than other manufacturers' products. When HG and SG are pasted together with a glass fiber cloth mat, a strength of over 2 times is achieved. They positioned the front lip spoiler and duct on the left and right sides of the car for downforce and brake cooling, and are highlighted them to give it a 3D aspect and racing style. The front lip spoiler and side lip spoiler have a two-step design that makes the car wide in the air and gives it a racing appearance. The rear bumper can be up to 150mm deep, and the placement of the huge duct has a significant impact to its display.


KUHL RACING has original and custom complete car and body kits for various models including Nissan R35 GT-R, Toyota 86, Scion FR- Subura BRZ, Toyota Prius, Mazda Miata MX5.


The KUHL RACING products available at Vivid Racing include Kuhl Racing 01R-GT Front Diffuser Scion FR-S, aero sets, rear floating diffuser, spoiler kit and many more.

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