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Your automobile, truck, SUV, or motorcycle communicates to the world precisely where you stand. Whether you're looking to transform your classic car or modern marvel from geek to chic or give it a supernatural appearance, unique lighting accessories are ideal for adding subtle accents both inside and out. There are an infinite number of fashionable accessory lights; simply choose the style that enhances your vehicle's appearance. It is critical to keep your car lights in good condition so that you can see where you're going, alert other drivers to your movements, and generally stay safe on the road. Whether you're upgrading your vehicle to take advantage of the advanced lighting accessories, replacing burned-out bulbs, or simply looking to bling up your ride, you'll find a diverse selection of components, bulbs, specialized lights, and emergency lights. These light accessories can be installed in the interior or on the underbody of your vehicle, and some of their components include an app that connects to your phone and allows you to control the colors and patterns.


Benefiting from cutting-edge technology, the collections of light accessories feature designs that strike the perfect balance of aesthetics and bulletproof performance. They are the distinguishing features that contribute to the uniqueness of the interior and exterior appearance. A sleek, distinctive touch of these light accessories instantly elevates your vehicle's style above the highway as well as illuminates your exterior by imparting it with a truly "mystic" aura that is sure to capture the attention of every onlooker. Additionally, the all-in-one underglow and interior LED light kit accessories cover the entirety of the vehicle for maximum visual impact. They offer incredibly bright and efficient undercarriage kits for cars and motorcycles that include light strips, tubes, pods, and/or a combination of these components. Multicolor kits come in a variety of vibrant colors and can be controlled remotely, allowing you to select the color and simultaneously run multiple colors and patterns. Synchronize light and music for maximum enjoyment.

Whether you're looking for light strips, tubes, or wires, they have stunning accent lighting accessories that can be used on the exterior, interior, or under the hood to amp up the wow factor. Don't fumble around in the dark; instead, grab these light accessories to illuminate difficult-to-find areas of your vehicle at night.


Vivid Racing has virtually everything you need to illuminate any part of your vehicle with an eye-popping, bright LED light or to give it an otherworldly neon glow. Choose from a variety of high-quality accessory lighting products, including high-tech braided wire kits, headlight level sensors, interior lights, search lights, strips and tubes, parts for bulb sockets, positon switches, lens springs, emblems, license plate frames, toggle switches, and wiring harnesses. Vivid Racing offers literally thousands of high-quality products in every category. Whether you're looking for high quality products, strength, or style at a reasonable price, we guarantee that you'll find what you're looking for on Vivid Racing. Vivid Racing is always up to date on the latest technology, the hottest trends, and the hottest labels. At Vivid Racing, superior quality, value, and service are always considered.