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Miscellaneous Ignition Parts

Miscellaneous OEM Ignition Parts | Performance Ignition Parts and Components

The ignition system ignites the air/fuel combination in the combustion chambers by providing a spark. The spark must be strong and precisely timed for best performance, fuel efficiency, and low emissions for all operating circumstances. There are mechanical-breaker point and electronic distributor ignition systems, Coil-On-Plug (COP) ignition systems, and distributorless ignition systems, but we can offer replacement components.

The most often maintained component in the ignition system is the spark plug. A spark plug comprises a center electrode encased in an insulator and wrapped in a steel shell. A side electrode curls outwards toward the central electrode from the bottom of the shell. You may insert the spark plug in the combustion chamber since the shell is threaded.

A spark leaps the space between the center and side electrodes when high voltage is transferred from the ignition coil to the spark plug, igniting the air/fuel mix. However, each time the plug fires, a little portion of the electrodes wears away, widening the gap and necessitating spark plug replacement.

Primary and Secondary Ignition System Circuits

Two circuits in the ignition system are primary and secondary. The battery, control module (switching device), main winding of the ignition coil, and ignition switch make up the main circuit. The secondary circuit contains the ignition coil's secondary winding, spark plugs, and the distributor and sparks plug wires in certain vehicles. The ignition coil converts the battery's 12 volts toward the 15,000-40,000 volts required by the spark plugs.

Electronic distributorless ignitions get a coil for every couple of cylinders, and COP systems get a coil with each spark plug. Distributor ignitions use a single coil. However, they are all built similarly. 100-200 rounds of strong wire are coiled around an iron core in the main winding.

Within the primary winding is a secondary winding with hundreds of turns of very tiny wire. A magnetic field is formed when the current travels through the main winding. The magnetic field shrinks when the control module interrupts the current flow, resulting in a greater voltage in the secondary winding.

For decades, breaker point distributor ignition systems were always the mainstream technology, but the breaker points wore out and required constant repair. Electronic distributor ignitions were a step forward, but they were still subject to wear from the distributor, cap, and rotor.

A coil replaces the distributor for each pair of cylinders in waste spark ignition systems, but spark plug wires are still utilized. The most advanced systems are COP ignitions. The spark plug wires and the arcing and malfunctions that wire breakage may produce have been deleted, and ignition timing is now regulated electronically.

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