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About Nardi Torino Steering Wheels

To many automotive enthusiasts, hearing the words Nardi Torino conjures up images of elegant wood-rimmed steering wheels mounted in classic European sports cars. Having a Nardi steering wheel elevates even the most ordinary sedan to new heights and brings about it a more bespoke race car feel. For founder Enrico Nardi, manufacturing and selling performance auto parts was an addendum to his career as a race car constructor that started well before World War II. Nardi, a native of Bologna in Italy, was just 22 years old when he began working in the automotive industry as an engineer for Lancia in 1929, while also racing for the renowned Turin-based company. Enrico Nardi’s reputation as both a skilled driver and a knowledgeable engineer earned him great respect.

Attributes of Nardi Steering Wheels

Nardi steering wheels were born on race cars and then used on Gran Turismo and high-level cars to bring all the advantages of race cars to the everyday driver as well. This includes essentiality, quality, and lightness. As a result of its extensive experience, Nardi Torino currently stands as one of the most admired manufacturers of vintage, classic, and sporty steering wheels. Since its inception, the brand never veered off course from its core mission to provide customers with the “perfect mix of technology and quality” in every steering wheel. 

Today, Nardi Torino’s product lineup includes a wide range of premium quality wood or leather and aluminum products intended to give vehicles a more attractive look with the perfect technique to boot. No matter which material is used, Nardi steering wheels are manufactured to the highest national and international standards for unmatched quality. There is something for everyone, as Nardi offers a satisfying lineup of different styles and designs. Aside from merely looking good in the cockpit, Nardi steering wheels boast a comfort “grip” to meet the driving style needs of its consumers as well.

Nardi Torino’s Additional Offerings

To supplement its great selection of steering wheels, Nardi also offers hubs and replacement parts such as horn buttons and rings. The brand also sells a number of accessories that include handbrake handles, gaiters, and gear shift knobs. Nardi Torino is dedicated to providing quality parts to its consumers and continues to expand with thoughtful designs and durable products to meet the ever-changing and ever-growing demands of the industry.

Find Nardi Steering Wheels at Vivid Racing

We carry a wide selection of products from Nardi Torino, which includes universal steering wheels, horn buttons, and other accessories. If you cannot find the particular item you are looking for, please call our parts department at (480) 966-3040. We will help you locate the product and guide you through the buying process. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions. Our expert sales team is here for you. Take your vehicle’s cabin to new heights with a classic or sporty steering wheel from Nardi today!