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Vorsteiner VFN 502

The VFN 502 embodies the ideal union of style and functionality in a sports performance wheel. The bespoke forged wheel from Vorsteiner features 15 exquisite spokes and a heavy-duty monoblock build. Crafted from T-6061 aerospace-grade aluminum, Vorsteiner VFN 502 wheels deliver incredible strength without the extra weight. The VFN 502 is designed for premium, high-performance cars which need the extra strength of a forged wheel.

The forging process takes a chuck of billet aluminum and subjects it to high temperature and literal tons of pressure which create a compressed structure which is much stronger than the original piece of billet. The large piece of forged aluminum is machine cut into the desired shape. With a wide range of custom finishes and different sizes to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless! With an assorted collection of available custom finishes and sizes, your options are virtually unlimited!


  • Create a personal statement of style in your ride.
  • Built using Vorsteiner’s advanced forging methods and aerospace-grade T6-6061 aluminum.
  • Features a stepped and tapered 15-spoke design to deliver optimal strength.
  • It's full face spoke design provides the illusion of a bigger wheel.
  • Comes in a range of custom sizes and finishes.
  • Offered in standard, concave, and deep concave concavities.
  • High-performance front face pockets offer stunning looks and superb weight savings.

Vivid Racing’s wheel catalog from Vorsteiner includes V-FF 101, V-FF 103, V-FF 105, V-FF 107, V-FF 108, V-FF 109, V-FF 111, V-FF 112, and more! We also carry hundreds of other wheel brands and styles.