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Nitrous Oxide Systems/Nitrous Oxide Fogger Kits

A nitrous oxide engine is an internal combustion engine wherein oxygen for burning the fuel comes from N2O, instead of gas, dissolution of the nitrous oxide. The method enhances the power of the engine by letting fuel to also be burned at a higher than usual rate, due to the increased partial oxygen pressure injected with the blended fuels. Nitrous oxide is not flame-retardant at ambient temperature, or under high pressure. Nitrous injection systems could be "dry" where another nitrous oxide is pumped independently from the fuel, or "wet" where additional fuel is transferred together with the nitrous into the engine. Based on the particular regulations, nitrous oxide technologies may not be allowed for street or highway use.

Types of Nitrous Oxide


Nitrous oxide is pumped into the air intake through a sterile nitrous oxide system. When the nitrous oxide is implanted in the intake manifold it cools the induced air. It allows the air pressure to increase, which is picked up by the intake sensors and sent to the Engine Control Unit. The ECU then furnishes the injectors with more air. When the combustion chamber is reached by the mixture of air-fuel and nitrous, the high ambient temperature causes the nitrous oxide to break up into oxygen and nitrogen. It facilitates more effective combustion of the mixture.


A wet nitrous oxide system not only sprays nitrous oxide into the air intake, but it also has a secondary jet which also injects fuel. When nitrous is triggered, both nitrous oxide and fuel are sprayed through the jets in the intake manifold. The extra fuel allows for a super-rich mix which helps to ignite the extra oxygen from the nitrous oxide that is broken down resulting in more strength.

Benefits of Having a Nitrous On Your Car

  • Nitrous oxide offers more power than all known alternatives
  • It has significantly more power than a turbocharger NOS which provides instant speed when required
  • Tuning with nitrous also provides the potential to increase power
  • By purchasing an adjustable kit, more horsepower can be added.
  • The design of a nitrous system is fairly easy to boost modifications relative to other horsepower improvements.

Nitrous Oxide Systems/Nitrous Oxide Fogger Kits

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