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OEM Turbo and Supercharger Replacements

When it comes to your boosted "stock-mobiles," nothing beats OEM parts, especially if you want to keep a factory tune -and, more importantly, warranty.

More and more carmakers are resorting to turbocharging to increase power without introducing more displacement, more cylinders, and more valves to the engine. Less displacement, cylinders, and valves mean cheaper construction and less fuel consumption when driving like a normal human being. But on the occasion that you want to go enthusiastically, our leaded foot can unleash more power as more air is forced into the combustion chamber via turbos and superchargers. 

Forced Induction

A supercharger is a term for an air compressor that increases air density entering the combustion chamber to burn fuel. The earliest superchargers were all driven by power taken from the crankshaft, typically by gear, belt, or chain-like those in early Bentleys that went racing.

On the other hand, a turbocharger is simply a supercharger powered instead by a turbine in the exhaust stream. The first of these, dating to 1915, was referred to as turbosuperchargers and were employed on radial aircraft engines to boost their power in the thinner air found at higher altitudes.

A turbocharger uses the velocity and heat energy of the hot exhaust gases rushing out of an engine's cylinders to spin a turbine that drives an impeller, which compresses more air back into the engine. A supercharger also pumps additional air into the engine. It is still instead driven mechanically by the engine via a belt that runs off the crankshaft or, these days, by an electric motor.

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