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Off Road Jacks

What is an Off-road Jack and What does it do?

For a lot of automotive hobbyists, off-road is an adventure like no other. Off-road driving allows you to take your vehicle to places where it should not usually be. Whether it's driving over sandy dunes or the beautiful riversides, off-roading brings a very unique experience. 

But off-roading isn't all fun and games. It can also be dangerous, especially if you're not prepared for it. This preparation involves having the right tools when things take a turn for the worse, such as a flat tire. A flat tire is never a good thing, but it can be a nightmare if it happens in the middle of nowhere. When that happens, you'd better hope you brought an off-road jack with you. If you're an off-road enthusiast, and you still don't own an off-road jack, it's an excellent time to buy like any other.

There's nothing better than going out on an off-road adventure. Driving on unpaved roads can be a lot of fun, as long as you're not stuck. If you get stuck, the last thing you want to do is wait for help to get here. Save time and money by taking one of these recommended off-road jacks along.

Types of Road Jacks

High Lift - Hi-Lift Jacks are the most versatile and work on different types of road surfaces. These jacks are relatively basic and are typically designed with a large, flat base. One of these jacks' advantages is that they can easily find leverage in various situations, including gravel, sand, mud, and snow. They are not intended for tire changes and maintenance of other vehicles.

Floor- If you want a firm hold, the floor jack is going to do the trick. This type of jack, however, works best on flat surfaces. While some brands have wheels and can be technically used in sand, snow and mud, it can be challenging to move around. They're not the best off-road choice.

Bottle - Bottle jacks are also referred to as hydraulic jacks. The best bottle jack for off-roading is adaptable, but its versatility depends on the type of base it has. Those with expansive and gripping platforms are best off-road. But bottle jacks are the most efficient if used on flat surfaces.

Inflatable - There are pros and cons of using an inflatable off-road jack. One advantage is that they work well on uneven or rugged surfaces, including sand, snow and mud. The biggest problem with this type of jack is that it can be punctured so that sharp objects (as well as hot temperatures) need to be cleared.

Benefits of Off-road Jacks

The vehicle's recovery - If you're an off-road enthusiast and you get stuck on the trail, the best off-road jack will help you get back on your way in no time. A lot of people can operate as a winch to help you get unstuck. 

Upgrading to the factory jack - If you install larger tires on your jeep and you get a puncture, likely, the factory jack won't lift high enough to repair that flat tire. The best off-road jack is going to help you in situations where your stock jack can't. Some brands work as well in the garage as they do on the trail. 

Accessories - please. Many off-road jacks are compatible with a wide range of accessories to make your work more efficient. Some of them can be paired with off-road bases, covers, and mounts to attach to your truck or jeep.

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