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Oil Filter Caps

What is an Oil Filler Cap?

An oil filler cap is essential to the drivability of your car. Without it, your engine could overheat or become a fire hazard.

No energy source in the world is more sought after than oil. Car owners should treat the oil of their engine with as much importance. It's the only thing to keep the engine working despite extreme heat and pressure conditions in the engine bay. You should also make sure the oil filler cap is intact and leak-free. The cap fits the oil tank as a cover for the hole in which the engine oil is poured. The cap also serves as a release valve to prevent pressure from building up under the valve cover. There have been a lot of instances when car owners and mechanics have forgotten to re-install the cap after changing the engine oil. This leaves the engine open to all kinds of dirt and moisture in the air and exposes oil to contaminants as well. If your car's stock oil filler cap is full of carbon deposits, you may want to replace it.

Notable Oil Filler Cap features:

  • Prevents oil from splashing out while the engine is running
  • Keeps harmful contaminants away from the engine oil
  • Made from premium steel, for resistance to leaks and corrosion

.The oil filler cap fits over the oil filler tube, covering the hole in which the engine oil is poured. It keeps the oil in the oil pan and prevents it from spilling or leaking to the engine bay. It can be made of plastic, aluminum , steel, rubber and metal. They could come in direct or universal fit. 

How to Tell when you need your Oil Filler Cap replaced

Poor maintenance or natural wear can cause the oil filler cap to fail. Tears on your gasket may also prevent it from effectively sealing the engine oil inside your engine. 

Symptoms of a defective oil filler cap include milky sludge in the oil filler tube or under the cap, oil leaks in the engine compartment or under the car, burning stench, overheating, loose or wobbly, and contaminated oil.

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