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Oil Temperature Gauge

Oil pressure and the temp gauge is a piece of equipment that measures your vehicle's overall health. If this gauge is not working correctly, your entire car can be affected. At Vivid Racing, we provide some of the top dual oil temp gauges in the industry.  This mechanical unit helps monitor the engine's oil temperature to ensure that it is within a reasonable range. If the engine oil is overheating or breaking down prematurely, it can damage other mechanical parts of the engine. To prevent this from happening, you must have a temperature gauge that's functioning well. With our oil pressure temp gauges line, you can have confidence knowing that your car is equipped with all the best parts.

The temperature of the oil is a critical part of keeping your engine running smoothly. The temperature of the oil should be a few degrees warmer than the coolant. If the temperature of the oil is too high, problems can occur. When you start your vehicle for the first time in the cold mornings, let the car idle for about five minutes before the oil has a chance to warm up. This way, your engine will run more effectively and live longer. The oil temperature sensor is crucial to know when your oil is heated when it's working correctly. 

The engine and temperature of the transmission oil, also known as the transmission fluid, are essential to your car's transmission's proper functioning. This indicator light alerts you that the transmission fluid's temperature is too high, leading to a transmission failure. Transmission failures are one of the worst nightmares of the car owner since they are notoriously costly to fix, and one of the things most likely to destroy the transmission is overheating.

While a water temperature gauge gives a reasonably accurate reading of the engine temperature via the cooling system, it does not directly tell you much about the engine oil's temperature. For this, you need a unique oil temperature gauge. 

These gauges measure the oil temperature with a sender unit, similar to that used for water gauges, which fits the sump pan directly to give an accurate reading of the temperature.

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