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P Zero

Pirelli P-Zero Tires, Are They Good?

Sometimes when people start asking about summer high-performance tires, the conversation generally often mentions Pirelli P-Zero tires. This tire has been a pillar for drivers of sedans, sports coupes, and other luxury vehicles for over 20 years now. And why? Since Pirelli frequently applies new tire technologies to the tread material and tire construction and quality assurance.

Fresh "nano-composites" have been introduced to the tread compound to enhance grip as well as provide extra strength and steering responsiveness. The compound is formed into an enticing and violent asymmetric tread model.

Performance Pirelli P-Zero

The tread includes a broad circumferential groove, 3 longitudinal grooves, and special "S" sipes that help to minimize the chance of damp road surface hydroplaning, as well as to give you extra courage when driving in poor road conditions. The S sipes also aim to reduce road noise, making you a safer and more relaxed journey.

Benefits of Pirelli P-Zero Tires

  • Excellent grip on both dry and wet surfaces.
  • Riding comfort is above average.
  • Wet traction is excellent.
  • Cornering and handling are nice and tight.
  • The steering response is excellent.

    Unique S-Shaped Grooves of Pirelli P-Zero

    The structural stability of the tire strengthens directional stability and guarantees consistent wear of the tread. In the tread, a special "S-shaped" groove lowers interior noise levels, maximizing driving convenience. The Pirelli P Zero is a standard and suitable for all of the best sporting and exotic vehicles in its category. The optimum representation of Pirelli's "Ultra High Performance" philosophy is the Pirelli P Zero Family. These tires have also been developed for frequent race courses to boost existing supersport cars and their most "powerful" models. Optimal for sedans and mid-range vehicles that are solid.

    The traction and reliability of the Pirelli P Zero tires are powerful, and with this tire, cornering is fun. That said, you can experience a better tread life and get a lot more out of them if you're a driver who makes it easy on the gas and doesn't light up the tires at any set of traffic lights.

    Twin steel belts and nylon aramid cords within the tire strengthen the tread and stop tire distortion.

    This tire is built to have very lightweight and thus have a better steering and cornering reaction. To further channel water, the tire has 3 circumferential grooves that go across the tire's circumference, which improves wet grip and stops hydroplaning.

    This tire sticks to the road when pushed strongly. Cornering, acceleration, and braking were all outstanding in warm temperatures when measured on the track. The Pirelli P Zero grips quite well around corners and while stopping in damp weather. We don't recommend this tire in winter weather as it is not intended to be driven in extreme winter conditions such as snow and ice.

    This is a high-performance tire with a tougher coating for the tread, which allows it to grip the ground and provide more traction. This harder compound means the tires are going to fade pretty fast. The P Zero would generally last between 30k and 40k miles, based on how vigorously you drive.

    About Pirelli

    Established in 1872, Pirelli is renowned for its long manufacturing history, which has always been synonymous with the ability to invent, the consistency of its products, and its name's strength. Pirelli today has 19 tire manufacturing plants on four continents, working in over 160 countries worldwide across a widespread distribution network. A power that has already been sponsored since 2002 by the P Zero industrial design initiative has now been further acknowledged by Formula 1, for which Pirelli Tire is the primary manufacturer for the three years 2011-2013.

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