Vivid Racing now offers an extended warranty plan through Extend for select products purchased through the Vivid Racing store. Our extended warranty option is a No Hassle warranty plan to offer protection after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Many manufacturers offer a 1 year or less warranty based upon manufacturer defects only. Once outside this time period, there is no protection against product failure.

With our extended warranty plan through Extend, your part will be protected for up to 3 years after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. With peace of mind you can drive your car or truck without worry of unprotected product failure that leaves your pockets empty.

Why Should I Buy an Extended Warranty?

Extend provides simple, peace-of-mind protection for the products you love. Extend bundles your product with an affordable, stress-free protection plan - so your stuff is covered, even after manufacturer warranties expire.

What’s Covered?

Your product is protected from defects and breakdowns caused by normal wear and tear. Extend plans cover your product above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. This plan does not cover accidental damage, or damage caused by abuse or misuse.

Auto Parts, such as batteries (auto, marine, and powersport), and auto parts included in the following categories: Air, Fuel, Emission, Exhaust, cooling and heating, electronics and navigation, tools and equipment, and more.

Specific to Auto Parts: In addition to the exclusions listed above, this Agreement does not cover: (1) Covered Product damaged by abnormal use, misuse, neglect, accident, alteration, modification, or “tampering with”; (2) failure caused by failure of a non-covered product and Diagnostic charges. If the responsibility for the replacement is covered by an insurance policy, manufacturer, recalls, or any other warranty or service contract; (3) any damage that occurs outside the continental United States of America, Alaska, Hawaii or Canada; (4) any cost other than the cost of the qualifying Covered Product; (5) incidental or consequential damages even if caused by the failure of the Covered Product; (6) more than a one replacement of the same Covered Part.

When is it Covered?

Your Extend protection plan begins as soon as the manufacturer’s warranty expires, and lasts for the number of years you select for purchase. For example, let’s say that on January 1, 2019 you purchased a product with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and also selected a two-year protection plan from Extend. Your manufacturer’s warranty would cover your product through January 1, 2020, and your Extend protection plan would protect your product an additional two years through January 1, 2022!


This Agreement is transferable by the original purchaser for the balance of the original extended protection period. The Covered Product may be registered by going online to https://customers.extend.com, and providing the date of new ownership, new owner’s name, complete address, and telephone number. The manufacturer’s warranty may not be transferable. This Agreement does not replace the manufacturer’s warranty and provides no coverage therein, except as noted above.

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