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Password JDM Battery Relocator Honda Civic Si 06-10


Password JDM

Model #PWEBR-FG2-000

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Introducing the newest product to Password JDM's killer line-upÖ the new Password:JDM Battery Relocator is everything youíve been asking for. One of the big problems with our cars is the liquid acid battery that leaks. When you leak acid, it can make for a really bad time. Itís a mess in your engine bay: You see rusty frame rails, discolored cablesÖ the drama goes on and on. Besides leaking acid, the stock battery is bulky, heavy, and straight out unsightly! By rocking the new Password:JDM Battery Relocator, you eliminate all these problems in one shot. The Password:JDM Battery Relocator utilizes an Odyssey 680 mini Drycell which is absolutely the best battery on the market. Cleaning up an engine bay has always been important when building cars. Getting rid of the stock battery should be a top priority. Putting it in the cabin or trunk is dangerous because all batteries gas out when your carís running, this can be very dangerous. For safety reasons, batteries belong in the engine bay.

The Odyssey 680 weighs less than 15lbs, and is about a third the size of stock battery (29lbs). Odyssey Batteries can deep cycle as well as provide enormous cranking power. There is not another battery available that can deliver both. The Odyssey Drycell Battery is absolutely the best battery on the market, this why we chose this battery. Save weight, clean up clutter, and never have to deal with acid spills ever again. The Password:JDM Battery Relocator is a must for anyone who wants a clean looking car. Why bother with the hassle of rigging something up? Grab this kit and save yourself a headache by not having to deal with a stock battery ever again. Battery cables not included, customers will have to custom route cables to fit their specific cars. Odyssey Drycell Battery is sold separately.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safer than a standard battery
  • Cleans up engine bay
  • Can deep cycle and provide high crank power
  • Fitment:
    • Honda Civic Si 06-10
    Proposition 65

    /!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
Honda Civic

Password:JDM is recognized as an industry leader in the niche market known as JDM! To date, we have imported more JDM products by volume than the next 3 companies combined. We started life as a direct importer of new and used JDM products and have now become a full manufacturer of performance automotive aftermarket products as well. 90% of PWJDM products are produced inhouse here at our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Pico Rivera, CA.

As a direct importer of new and used JDM Honda and Nissan parts, engine/motor swaps, and quite possibly anything else born and bred JDM, our products remain "true to form" and reliable. To add onto your vehicle what the factory left out, we also choose to develop, concept, and manufacture all of our products in-house within our 10,000sq. ft. Pico Rivera, CA warehouse. Made in the USA.

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