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Paxton Driver Side Mount NOVI 1200SL Polished Supercharging System Ford Mustang Carbureted 289|302 64-68


Paxton Superchargers

Model #1001840SL-P

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As a tribute to the Paxton supercharged Shelby GT-350s of the '60s, Paxton offers current systems for V8 powered carbureted Ford Mustangs designed to fit under the stock hood. With a horsepower increase ranging from 30% to more than 75% (depending on engine build), the NOVI 1200 or NOVI 1500 supercharger will provide street superiority.

The more traditional Driver's Side Mount requires an alternator be included in place of a generator where applicable.

The NOVI SL (Self-Lubricating) Supercharger features an internal oil reservoir for self-contained lubrication with no oil lines necessary. This new design features a uniquely configured transmission housing that allows for effective gear lubrication and bearing temperature control. You'll also experience a shorter installation time, and the ability to service the supercharger oil without removal.


  • A cast aluminum carburetor enclosure assembly
  • 3.7" 8-rib supercharger pulley, produces approximately 7-1/2 PSI at 5500 rpm on a stock V8 engine
  • Supercharger drive system with necessary belts and pulleys (for use in V-belt setup)
  • Billet aluminum mounting plate configuration for alternator and supercharger drive assembly
  • Aluminum discharge tube with Bosch compressor bypass valve
  • Fuel system upgrade with high-volume boost-referenced mechanical fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel lines and high-flow air filter
  • Polished Finish
  • Ford Mustang 260 | 289 | 302 V8 64-68
  • Ford Mustang 351 Windsor V8 1960
  • Factory stock compression ratio is recommended. If other than the factory (standard rise) manifold is used, a cowl hood may be necessary.
  • Not compatible with generator equipped vehicles.
  • Throttle linkage compatible with 1964-68 Mustang only. Other vehicles/years will need custom throttle linkage construction.
  • Carburetor enclosure is compatible with "small" diameter distributor cap only.
  • Supplied air filter may interfere with some valve covers.
  • Not compatible with power steering pump mounting.
  • Not compatible with air conditioning.
  • For 1969 Mustang 351 Windsor V8: Paxton's system is best suited for H-Code cars that have 2-BBL carburation and a 9.5:1 compression ratio (dished top pistons) from the factory. Boost will be limited on M-Code cars with 10.7:1 compression (flat top pistons).

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


Vehicle Engine Notes
Ford Mustang

Who is Paxton?

Paxton Automotive is a well-known manufacturer of superchargers for automotive use. They are based in the US and are known for their centrifugal-type superchargers. 

Though there are factory-installed superchargers available in the market, the majority of their sales still come from the aftermarket industry. Today, you often see them installed in domestic American muscle cars and has been the go-to brand of top racing teams worldwide.

Pre War Technology

Robert Paxton McCulloch initially started the supercharger design way back in 1937. Installed in a Flathead V8, it was a popular modification at that time. 

After the war, the supercharger design was developed and sold to the public. It was then used for Nascar Racing before it was banned after one year due to its regulation. It has continued to evolve over the years and was used by multiple manufacturers and even by US Navy Submarines.

Ultimate High-Performance upgrade

Already proven in the race track, Paxton has developed products that are a guaranteed upgrade for any engine. Used by many racers and enthusiasts, it has produced winners at the track and has been consistently at the forefront when it comes to centrifugal design superchargers.

Quality in Every Product

All of Paxton’s products are designed with quality in mind. Using their experience and race-proven knowledge, they can develop parts that consistently meet customer expectations. Using high-quality materials such as billet steels and aerospace-quality high-speed bearings, they create products that can outperform their competitors. 

Compact Design

One reason why a lot of enthusiasts and engine builders choose Paxton is because of their compact and efficient design. The first type of supercharger is called a roots supercharger which requires you to install it on top of the engine. This design is a bit hard for daily use as it requires modifying the vehicle’s hood and it lessens front visibility. Paxton introduced a solution for this, It allowed them to position it within the tight spaces of the engine bay requiring no modification on the bodywork of the car. They also offer kits that do not require a separate drive system making the installation simple.  

Purchase Paxton Superchargers at Vivid Racing

If you are in search of a quality power adder for your vehicle, then Paxton is the brand for you. It offers a direct bolt-on kit for a variety of vehicles and comes with all the necessary hardware required for the install. To know more about Paxton, visit Vivid Racing and see the list of superchargers and accessories available for your specific needs.


All Vortech supercharger systems are covered by an exclusive 3-year unlimited mileage warranty and exclusive supercharger efficiency guarantee standard. Forcepower Parts carry a 90-day limited warranty.

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