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Perfectly Tight Replacement Key Nut Spline 7 XL Fits All Large Spline Nuts And Spiked Spline Nuts Only


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Replacement Key Nut Spline 7 XLarge Fits All Large Spline Lug Nuts And Bolts. 5 Reasons Why you Shouldn't Use a Impact Gun on Aftermarket Wheels

Uneven Torque -An Impact Gun does not apply lug nuts or bolts to a wheel/vehicle at any specified torque setting. Lug nuts and bolts can be severely over tightened using an impact gun causing the wheel to not seat flat or evenly against the vehicle mounting surface.

Uneven torque can also cause the vehicles rotor to warp thus causing wheel vibration, premature brake wear, and a pulsating brake pedal over time.

Always torque each lug by hand following the diagrams below based on how many lugs your vehicle has. They should be properly torqued by hand in the numbered order shown below to your vehicles recommended torque specifications.

Broken Spline Keys
Spline keys are not designed to take the continuous hammering that an impact gun is designed for. As a result, your spline key may split over time. Possibly when you need it most.

Cross Threading
When it happens, you will never feel it. If a lug nut or bolt happens to cross thread, with an impact gun you may not feel it. Hand torquing will allow you to feel resistance when tightening if a nut or bolt happens to cross thread while installing.

A cross threaded lug nut or bolt has the possibility of coming loose over time causing the wheel to become dislocated from the vehicle while in motion.

Broken Nuts and Bolts
Since an impact gun does not torque lug nuts to any specification, a lug nut or bolt can become seized to the wheel from being severely over tightened. As a result, when trying to remove the nut or bolt can snap as shown in the images above. Trying to remove a broken nut or bolt from a wheel is a costly mistake that can easily be avoided by hand torquing.

Broken Wheel Studs
Over tightening lug nuts can also cause the vehicles wheel studs to stretch over time and snap. Another costly yet avoidable mistake.


  • Replacement Key Nut Spline 7
  • XLarge
  • Black
  • Fits All Large Spline Lug Nuts And Bolts
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