Pilot and Throwout Bearings


Pilot bearings are either bearings or bushings. Ball, roller, and needle bearings packed in grease are examples of bearing types. If the manufacturer suggests using bearing grease, be cautious to avoid contaminating the clutch disk or the flywheel surface. Pilot bearings are made of brass and are lubricated. With these soft metal type bushings, adding lubricant will actually increase friction. Before adding any lubrication to a pilot bearing, check with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. A pilot bearing is used mostly in rear-wheel drive vehicles and some in front-wheel drive vehicles with manual transmissions. The transmission input shaft and clutch disc are supported and centered by the pilot bearing. The pilot bearing allows the flywheel to maintain engine RPM while the input shaft slows down and stops when the clutch is disengaged.


The clutch release bearing, also known as the throw-out bearing, is located between the clutch fork and the pressure plate fingers. The throw-out bearing is a component of a manual transmission with a clutch pedal. The clutch pedal allows you to stop your car for a few seconds or change gears whenever you need to. It is responsible for a number of car components that work together to ensure smooth gear shifting. The throw-out bearing is included in this. The clutch pedal's throw-out bearing is a critical component. The clutch pedal does not work properly when the bearing fails. The bearing is responsible for smooth and seamless gear shifting. It assists in disengaging the transmission from the vehicle's engine in order to accomplish this task. In addition, the clutch plate and flywheel contact are ultimately controlled by the bearing. Because it is the only component that can control the amount of interaction between two critical parts of a transmission system, a damaged or faulty throw-out bearing has a significant impact on the vehicle.


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