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Who is Piloti?

Piloti is an Italian word for “drivers”. Being the home for some of the greatest automotive manufacturers and race tracks in the world, this name rightfully fits the brand. It is a shoe company the was founded in 1999 by a sports shoe designer who happens to be an avid racing enthusiast. They specialize in creating driving shoes for those who wanted to have better control of their driving. Today, they have become one of the most sought-after brands when it comes to the performance footwear industry.

Not Your Ordinary Shoes

Piloti’s products allow its user to perform better footwork when they're driving. By using biomechanical technology, it gives them the ability to create products that will provide comfort and relieves the pain usually experienced during endurance racing and high spirited driving. Their shoes are also designed to keep up with the latest fashion trend, making them a favorite for both fashion enthusiasts and professional race car drivers.

Built By Drivers for Drivers

These shoes are made by people who understand the necessity of having proper footwear when it comes to driving. Being a car aficionado themselves, they are able to bring their expertise and create shoes that provide comfort, control, and fashion all at the same time.

Purchase Piloti Shoes at Vivid Racing

Upgrading your vehicle is not the only way to make your car go faster. At the end of the day it still ends up on the way the driver controls the vehicle. Having a proper gear, specifically driving shoes, would help improve your driving, which would result to a faster time on a track. Piloti has been making quality driving shoes for more than a few decades and has been trusted by many professionals. They even helped create many race champions. Visit Vivid Racing and check out all the list of products that would fit your specific needs.