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Power Steering

High-Performance Power Steering Components

In the 1920s, the invention of power-assisted vehicle steering systems started. In World War II, the first powerful hydraulically assisted power steering mechanisms were mounted to large, heavy military vehicles to make them cheaper to navigate. The big American cars of the day were still not easy to maneuver, even with the momentum offered by their wide diameter steering wheels, particularly when the vehicle was stalled. Still, it was not until the 1950s that hydraulic power steering systems started to appear on production cars.

The efficiency with which power steering generated vehicle operation was a major hit with car buyers, notably when stationary and at slower revs. Hydraulic power steering was normal or available on all American cars by the 1960s.

Power Steering System Explained

The key components of a hydraulic power steering system are the control mechanism that guides the fluid pressure in answer to how the steering wheel is rotated, a piston and hydraulic cylinder that add the pressure to the steering connection to offer the driver with power support, and the engine fluid pressure producing pump.

The piston/hydraulic cylinder and control valve are central aspects of the rack & pinion steering gear and most traditional recirculating worm gear ball steering boxes. Still, there are also connected devices used in combination with a mechanical recirculating ball steering box. The control valve is positioned at the end of the central connection, and the piston/hydraulic cylinder assembly at the center position.

A V-belt or serpentine belt powers the power steering pump by the crankshaft. The fluid tank may be manually integrated with the pump or mounted and attached to the pump with a pipe. From the pump to the control valve, a high-pressure hydraulic hose maintains fluid pressure, with another hose transferring fluids to the pump. At either end, the high-pressure fluid hose is connected with fittings, while the low-pressure return hose can only be sealed with clamps at either end.

The control valve adds equal pressure to both sides of the hydraulic cylinder piston while the car is pushed directly forward and the steering wheel is balanced. The control valve guides fluid pressure to one side of the piston when the steering wheel is rotated, offering power assistance in turn.

Symptoms of a Failing Power Steering

  • The steering wheel is very rigid.
  • Loose wheel while steering.
  • Screeching noise
  • Steering is sluggish to react.

Although most drivers accepted power steering, those car lovers who thought it resulted in extremely responsive steering and poor road feeling at higher driving speeds were not well-received. Also, power steering systems were "tuned" by automakers to offer more assistance on regular and luxury cars and less about performance versions.

With the introduction of electronic systems using feedback from the vehicle speed monitor and a steering wheel rotation sensor supplied to an electronic controller, this becomes much easier to accomplish, manipulating a control valve in the power steering pump to adjust the output flow. There is a shortage of assistance and in cars with electrical devices at all vehicle speeds, evaluation with a scan instrument should be made before the pump is condemned.

We've Got You Covered With Power Steering Parts

Whatever your maintenance requirements are or what you are operating on, to restore safe, predictable, and simple power steering system service without leaks, Vivid Racing has the replacement power steering pump and related parts. We sell power steering pumps that are produced to the specs of the original equipment. If you want to deal with fixing or overhauling the steering pump framework personally, we also have caps, bearings, and reconstruction kits. Also, reservoir caps, hardware, brackets, mounts, bushings, pulleys, fittings, and more are available. And the device should be correctly flushed and one of our in-line filters added if a steering system part is removed to ensure that only clean fluid reaches the pump.

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