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Why Clutch Covers are So Important

The clutch cover is an essential component of the clutch system presenting a separable connection between the engine and the drive train and serving the transmission of power. The clutch cover is attached to the flywheel and serves to engage and disengage power via the clutch disc.

When it comes to your car, the clutch cover forms a friction system and is fixed to the flywheel via a screw connection of the housing. In doing so, the clutch cover ensures the transfer of the engine torque via the clutch disc to the gear shaft by pressing the clutch disc onto the flywheel. The clutch cover also acts as an overload protection.

Outstanding Technology

These clutch covers are built to the highest OEM standards to meet and exceed your expectations. The products undergo outstanding design and engineering to make them safe and close to perfection. These products should work with your vehicle as they are universal for fitment.

Whether you need performance or reliability, these performance sports, and racing clutches are guaranteed to deliver.

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