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ProX Piston Kit 83.50mm Yamaha YFM350 Grizzly | Raptor | Warrior



Model #01.2487.050

Shopper Award

ProX Racing Parts is mainly specialized in high quality internal engine components such as pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts and valves. All parts are manufactured to highest quality standards at "state of the art" manufacturing facilities around the world. These manufacturing factories include reputable businesses that manufacture OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) parts for leading motorcycle brands world wide. With the experience and long established relationships ProX Racing Parts is therefore always able to select the best manufacturer to meet or exceed high level requirements regarding technical specifications and market.


  • Interchanges directly with OEM parts
  • Piston kit comes complete with piston, rings, pin and clips
  • Yamaha YFM350FG Grizzly 4WD [SRA] 2007
  • Yamaha YFM350FG Grizzly 4WD [SRA] 2008
  • Yamaha YFM350FG Grizzly 4WD [SRA] 2009
  • Yamaha YFM350FG Grizzly 4WD [SRA] 2010
  • Yamaha YFM350FG Grizzly 4WD [SRA] 2011
  • Yamaha YFM350FG Grizzly 4WD [SRA] 2012
  • Yamaha YFM350FG Grizzly 4WD [SRA] 2013
  • Yamaha YFM350FG Grizzly 4WD [SRA] 2014
  • Yamaha YFM350G Grizzly 2WD [SRA] 2007
  • Yamaha YFM350G Grizzly 2WD [SRA] 2008
  • Yamaha YFM350G Grizzly 2WD [SRA] 2009
  • Yamaha YFM350G Grizzly 2WD [SRA] 2010
  • Yamaha YFM350G Grizzly 2WD [SRA] 2011
  • Yamaha YFM350G Grizzly 2WD [SRA] 2012
  • Yamaha YFM350FGI Grizzly 4WD [IRS] 2007
  • Yamaha YFM350FGI Grizzly 4WD [IRS] 2008
  • Yamaha YFM350FGI Grizzly 4WD [IRS] 2009
  • Yamaha YFM350FGI Grizzly 4WD [IRS] 2010
  • Yamaha YFM350FGI Grizzly 4WD [IRS] 2011
  • Yamaha YFM350FGI Grizzly 4WD [IRS] 2012
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1987
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1988
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1989
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1990
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1991
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1992
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1993
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1994
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1995
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1996
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1997
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1998
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1999
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 2000
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 2001
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 2002
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 2003
  • Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 2004
  • Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2005
  • Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2006
  • Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2007
  • Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2008
  • Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2009
  • Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2010
  • Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2011
  • Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2012
  • Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2013

Other Part Numbers:
ProX #19-4181

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
Yamaha YFM350FG Grizzly 4WD

Yamaha YFM350FGI Grizzly 4WD

Yamaha YFM350G Grizzly 2WD

Yamaha YFM350R Raptor

Yamaha YFM350X Warrior

Who Is ProX Racing Parts?

ProX Racing Parts is an aftermarket motorcycle parts company located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company was founded in 1975 and has since grown to become one of the most formidable brands in the world. Today, their products are distributed to countries everywhere and are used by enthusiasts who prefer only using the best.

ProX Racing Parts specializes in producing high quality engine internal parts such as pistons, connecting rods, valves and crankshafts. Along these, the company is also developing other products for various powersports applications. 

Wide Range Of Motorcycle Parts

The company has one of the most comprehensive motorcycle product lines in the market with over 8,000 parts under 60 different product groups. Each component is manufactured with the highest standard in place and is created using the most advanced manufacturing process and state-of-the-art tools and equipment. 

These facilities also produce other OEM products for other leading motorcycle brands in the world so you can be sure that what you are getting is only the best. For ProX Racing Parts, “OK” is not an option, everything has to perfect and it is why they have gained the trust of many motorcycle riders and professional tuners.

Purchase ProX Racing Parts At Vivid Racing

If you are into motorcycle riding and still want to push its capabilities further, then upgrade it with products from ProX Racing Parts. They have products designed both for street use and high-performance application and are guaranteed to give you that exhilarating experience you have always dreamed of. To know more about ProX Racing Parts and what they can offer, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific requirement.

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