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Raceseng Tug Tow Hook Gray Honda Civic Type R | Si 17-20



Model #17261014

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Tug Shaft and Ring is a fully functional, track ready tow hook. Designed with beautiful form and engineered to function.

Gone are the days of poorly designed, ugly, non-functioning tow hooks.
We designed the Tug to be a fully functional tow hook that looks good while doing it.

The Tug features a simple cross bolt design that can be tightened to lock the Tug ring in your desired position. The bolt is also removable allowing you to easily replace your Tug Ring.

The Tug System is the world's only interchangeable tow hook, license plate relocator and GoPro mount system. Any of the Tug accessories screw into the Tug Shaft!

In order to design and engineer a truly functional tow hook, we had to test our CAD models using FEA analysis and then validate or prove that our analysis data was correct. In order to do this, we had the Tug tested and pulled to destruction at a NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration) facility. The Tug is capable of an 8,000lb straight pull.

The alloy steel parts have a corrosion resistant substrate with a black semi-gloss powder coat. The aluminum ring has a matte powder coat.

The Tug features a CNC milled Raceseng icon that is hugged by the chamfer profile wrapping around the tow hook ring.The ring smoothly transitions into the adapter, nut and shaft.


  • Grey finish
  • USA milled high grade alloy steel shaft and aluminum ring
  • CNC machined for precise fitment and function
  • Superior corrosion resistant multi-stage finish
  • Manufactured by Raceseng in the United States
  • Available in black, graphite and red powder coated finishes
  • Simple ring locking bolt keeps the ring in a vertical or horizontal position
  • Capture footage with an optional bolt-on Raceseng Tugless View GoPro Mount
  • Interchangeable with all other Tug System components including Raceseng Tug License Plate Relocator
  • Meticulous Raceseng design language
  • Capable of 8,000lb straight pull


  • Honda Civic Type R 2017-2020
  • Honda Civic SI 2017-2020


  • Our tow hook shafts have a .875" diameter. The hole in the bumper beam of some cars is smaller than this size. To get our shaft threaded into the bumper beam, the hole needs to be increased in diameter so the threads on the shaft, reach the threads inside the bumper beam.

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Honda Civic Type-R


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