BBS RG-R | One-piece Die-Forged Wheel

BBS started manufacturing wheels purely for racing. Only when avid fans, racers, and car manufacturers requested had BBS started making wheels for road use. 

The companies that requested for BBS to make road wheels are motorsport royalties such as Ferrari, Porsche, and BMW. 

The techniques in producing superior wheels learned in racing are infused in each wheel BBS makes including the RG-R.

The RG-R is a lightweight and stiff wheel that is of one-piece construction.

Only the finest materials are used in making the BBS RG-R. Aerospace-grade alloys are molded into its simple yet beautiful design and then using 18 million pounds of force. That is the sort of abuse the BBS RG-R takes even before being mounted on a car.

Conversely, the BBS RG-R can withstand almost anything from spirited driving to real hard-core racing.

The stunning 8-spoke design will look at home under any car’s wheel well because of its simple and timeless look. The RG-R is available in 17, 18, and 19-inch diameters. It is also available in various finishes.

BBS has been making forged wheels for road and track applications for more than 30 years. They use an exclusive multiple-stage Die-Forging technique to build the toughest, heavy-duty wheels.

Each processing stage is managed in-house to ensure the birth of the finest forged wheels in the world.

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