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Roll Cages

You have to take safety seriously when you are serious about performance. Roll cages and roll bars shield drivers when they are most necessary, and they require a significant amount of sanction bodies and race classes. In 4-point, 6-point, 8-point, 10-point, setups Vivid Racing brings all the best roll cages!

A roll cage or a roll bar is specifically intended to protect drivers and passengers from the collapse of their vehicle while rolling over. It would help if you were secured; Vivid Racing knows that. We offer roll cages and roll bars in our virtual store that are ultimately reliable. They are specifically built to meet quality requirements and guarantee better vehicle rigidity while providing the additional safety layer you need. We partner with leading manufacturers with deep experience in engineering and manufacturing.

We sell an array of quality items from Allstar Performance, Detroit Speed, Cusco, and many more in our online shop. For example, the roll cages can be attached to the OE frame by Competition Motorsport to bundle them and enhance the chassis' torsional stiffness. We also have great Cusco products if you're looking for a dashing escape roll cage. It has been designed extensively to have enduring extraordinary designs that impair efficiency when cornering in chassis flex.

Performance Roll Cages

  • Auto Power
  • Allstar Performance
  • AutoPower
  • Detroit Speed
  • Levelride Concepts
  • Cusco
  • Studio RSR
  • TMW Off-Road
  • Under Cover Fabworks
  • And many more. Just look for other selections in the left section of this page.

Benefits of Roll Cage

Increased Body Rigidity

At the sturdiest points in a car is placed a roll cage. All these are connected through steel tubes that are engineered to disperse forces in an impact efficiently. The function of a roll cage is to improve the initial rigidity of the vehicle. Our roll cage minimizes body flex considerably as high-g turns are performed and support the suspension components by sharing the car's physical loads from unpredictable bumps. Overall, the structural rigidity of the car is improved, and everything is retained.

Frequently, cars fall apart from the beating that is sustained from frequent use. The car is held as sturdy as possible by our roll cages.

Better Handling

The vehicle handling and stability are a supporting function to enhance roll cages. By driving a car with a Vivid Racing's roll cage through traffic, you can sense the difference in steadiness. As the car body becomes heavier and more robust, the forces that are applied to the car are distributed to the roll-cage steel tube bracing. In the event of inertial energy quickly being transferred in the vehicle, this results in a more dynamical motion; the suspension components will respond quickly to different inputs.


This is possibly the first reason that a roll cage is built to secure the rider. We all know that there are risks of crashing accidents in any form of racing that could endanger a driver's life. It is necessary to let us know that a car's body can only have so much influence.

The A-pillars or two on both sides of the shield and roof collapse if a vehicle falls over. The roof collapses. The same applies to the car's doors so that the driver is powerless if an accident happens. That is why racing cars have aftermarket roll cage like ours. In case of an accident, they are designed to provide the driver with a defensive line. Roll cages are made of steel tubes that can be seen around the world. Such sturdy tubes can stand up to the hardest forces and shield the driver from crashes without bending or breaking.

For the driver's protection and increased vehicle body integrity, rolling cages are important. That helps race car drivers to protect themselves from harm and increase their handling significantly. In the global economy of motorsport and roll cages, safety and the right inputs are essential to help drivers use quick and reactive inputs to protect them from harm.

So you should improve your vehicle if you conquer raw terrain or be first on a race day. In addition to contributing to structural stability from a safety point of view, premium roll bars and cages here at Vivid Racing will also give each additional bar greater toughness. You're going to be satisfied, no matter which roll bar or cage you end up choosing. The combination of excellent quality and incredible architecture ensures unrivaled robustness and maximum protection. By making your car steep and sturdy, you and those who drive with you safely.

Find High-Quality Roll Cage Only at Vivid Racing

From fitment help from our in-house experts to shipping packages, we'll take care of you and your Roll Cage every step of the way. We know how much of a financial investment you're making in a set of Roll Cage and accessories. In return, we'll deliver service and product that is second to none.

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Vivid Racing ensures that they meet the customer's expectations regarding quality, size, and strength.

The company always provides quality Roll Cage for applications where you need speed and good looks, such as racing gears.

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