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RPS CYN-R-G Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel Toyota Supra TT 93-98



Model #BF-22170

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RPS CYN-R-G Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel Toyota Supra TT 93-98

RPS guarantees that all of the segmented wear surfaces are fully replaceable for the life of your car. CYN-R-G Segmented flywheels utilize a patented (6,793,057) "segmented" heat shield system.

Traditional heat shields warp because of the uneven heat produced by a slipping clutch. Just like a car going around in a circle, the outside tires go faster than the inside tires, the clutch disc slides faster around the outside of the flywheel than it does around the inside. The faster moving outside surface gets hotter than the inside surface. Because metal expands more the hotter it gets, the outside of the heat shield expands more than the inside. Traditional heat shields are made of one piece metal rings, so when the outside expands more than the inside, the only thing the shield can do is warp.

The CYN-R-G Segmented heat shields are not connected so they can expand and contract without warping. A warped heat shield causes the clutch to slip, which causes more heat and more warpage.

RPS flywheels are typically 10 to 15 lbs. lighter than the factory units which allows up to 20 more HP to get to the wheels!!

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Toyota Supra

Who is RPS?

RPS is an aftermarket company known for manufacturing high-quality carbon clutches and brakes. They are the world leader in the industry, offering a high-performance clutch for performance vehicles. They have been servicing brands such as Subaru, BMW, Nissan, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mitsubishi, and Toyota.

Aerospace Grade

The company uses only the best quality material in its product. Using carbon fiber as its medium, this is the same material used by the aerospace industry due to its excellent properties. As a clutch, they are considered light and have an excellent friction coefficient. 


Due to their products' proven success, they have been used by various racing teams from different disciplines such as drifting, drag racing, time attack challenges, and road racing.

Lighter But Stronger

What makes RPS special is that they are able to create a better clutch that can be used during an extreme driving condition. Their "Strapless" design has changed the way clutches are made. They made it possible to manufacture a clutch that is 6 pounds lighter but stronger than stock. You can use it every day, but at the same time perform well on a race track.

Purchase RPS Performance Parts at Vivid Racing

Even if you have all the horsepower in the world, it's nothing if you cannot put it all on your wheels. A good clutch makes all this possible, and RPS is one of the best brands that can do just that. 

Visit Vivid Racing and check out all their list of parts from clutches, billet flywheels, and brakes that would fit your specific vehicle.

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