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Liquid Metal Shadow Wheels

Liquid Metal Shadow Wheels

The Liquid Metal Shadow is a split-spoke wheel with twisted cut-outs on every spoke. It comes with a Liquid Metal company's logo pop-in center cap and is available in popular 16" through 20" sizes in a Satin Black finish. The Liquid Metal Shadow gives any car a contemporary look. Test out the Shadow by Liquid Metal if you want a wheel that looks amazing, rotating as it does sitting still. These wheels are all about beauty and dependability with detailed attention to detail, top-grade materials, and cutting-edge technology. Liquid Metal wheels are scratch and deformation-resistant and resistant to rust and the elements, so you can expect them to last for a long time.

Even better, they're available in a wide variety of pleasing styles and patterns, making it easy to choose the best wheels for your vehicle. The Liquid Metal Shadow wheels are the way for those who feel that the route starts where the road finishes. They are also built for the most challenging terrains and durable materials with unparalleled rigidity and hardness. These wheels will lend your sedan a distinct look and feel, allowing it to stand out from the crowd. The rugged and mesmerizing, tempting wheels from Liquid Metal Shadow will give a bit of class to your car. A custom wheel will not only get your factory or custom car new license plates, but it will also get your vehicle to anywhere you need or want it.


  • Wheel Size: 16", 17", 18", 20"
  • Finish: Satin Black
  • Configuration: 5x114.3 | 5x120
  • Offset (mm): 40
  • Style: 10-Spoke
  • Top-of-the-line Wheel Manufacturing Method
  • Elegant design
  • Cost-effective luxury wheel
  • Improved performance for an ultimate lightweight

Liquid Metal Shadow Wheels Offers Mixed Tones of Sophistication

Liquid Metal wheels blend old-world artistry with cutting-edge architecture. This wheel is carefully designed to help you give your sedan an exclusive look using the latest and innovative technologies and fabrication methods. The wheel is the toughest and most durable, and it is available in a range of finishes to complement the vehicle's style. The Liquid Metal Shadow wheels look like they belong on a car that transports people across a driveway. They're expertly crafted using cutting-edge engineering methods and high-quality components to guarantee unrivaled precision and durability.

Liquid Metal Shadow Wheels will boost the vehicle's stability while incorporating a special touch of elegance. They're the perfect blend of artistry and creativity, designed to survive the harshest conditions. The Liquid Metal Shadow wheel is a lightweight, compact wheel that offers realistic efficiency and long and trouble-free life. The lightweight structure of the Liquid Metal Shadow wheels reduces unsprung weight and improves stability efficiency. The Liquid Metal Shadow Wheel boosts strength, sensitivity, and traction, enabling you to push yourself to new heights.

Affordable Liquid Metal Shadow Wheels

For a low price, add a sleek, lightweight, and durable Liquid Metal Shadow wheel to your sedan. Easy to use, a sturdy inner structure and a high-quality blank are all used in the low-pressure wheel-making operation. The sedan, in some recent ones, stands out from the crowd with ease. Are you looking for hard, robust, and conceptually flexible high-performance wheels? The Liquid Metal Shadow wheels should not have to intimidate you. The effect is a super-strong and light wheel that outperforms sophisticated flux-technology cast wheels, which use excessive friction and high temperatures to shape the wheel's inner rim portion.

About Liquid Metal Wheels

Liquid Metal is a well-known company in the aftermarket wheel sector. The brand is committed to bringing a diverse range of custom wheels for cars, trucks, and SUVs. All Liquid Metal wheels are manufactured to fulfilling requirements to have the finest fitment for today's most common vehicles. LM Mod, Blade, Shadow, FIN, Gen X, Carbon, Atom, Shadow, Shadow, Shift, Splice, and Supreme HD are only a few of Liquid Metal's several-wheel series. Each wheel is available in a variety of lugs, bolt designs, and styles. Chrome, gloss black metallic, silver, gloss black, satin black, gunmetal, and machined faces are all options. Center caps, both screw-in and snap-in, are also available from Liquid Metal. The center caps are available in aluminum, black, chrome, and silver finishes.

Liquid Metal wheels are lightweight, durable aluminum that offers strength, elegance, and toughness. Every wheel series comes in a range of dazzling finish choices that shine brilliantly in any light. Liquid Metal wheels have plenty for all, regardless of what kind of vehicle, truck, or SUV they own. Liquid Metal is sure to impress automotive lovers who demand the utmost for their vehicle with a diverse lineup of styles, fitments, and finishes.

Advantage of Liquid Metal Shadow as Spoke Wheel

The spokes on your Liquid Metal Shadow Wheels have the essential job of connecting the wheel's rim - outer diameter - to the plate at the wheel's center section where the bolt holes and lugs connect the wheel to the vehicle. The spokes play a major part in deciding a wheel's total weight and strength. When designing and constructing a car through Vivid Racing, Liquid Metal Shadow Wheels will ensure that the spokes on the wheels they are using provide adequate capacity when considering the car's weight, performance, and tire size.

Lightweight Liquid Metal Shadow Wheels

There is a wide variety of lightweight metal wheels on the market for nearly all types of vehicles. The Liquid Metal Shadow wheels are one clear example of lightweight wheels. Consider your wheels lighter, and make the suspension even smoother. These wheels can more readily and efficiently manage each bump. It helps keep the Liquid Metal Shadow wheels and tires in contact with the asphalt for longer and is excellent news for vehicle stability and braking. Lightweight wheels are also easier to mount when replacing factory wheels. If you like a particular aftermarket wheel, then try to fit the weight of the stock wheel. If necessary, it's easier to go lighter than stock.

Find Liquid Metal Shadow Wheels Only at Vivid Racing

From fitment help from our in-house wheel experts to shipping packages, we'll take care of you and your order every step of the way. We know how much of a financial investment you're making in a set of Liquid Metal Shadow and tires, and in return, we'll deliver service and product that is second to none.

At Vivid Racing, we love cars. Cars are our vice in life. We love the automotive community and love our customers who think like us.

Finding a perfect wheel fitment is not an easy job. We fully understand it, and we are here to help you find the best configuration of Liquid Metal Shadow wheels and tires for your car.

Vivid Racing makes sure the spoke wheels, mesh wheels, or off-road wheels are amazingly light while also supplying the vehicle with a decent amount of protection. These wheels are distinguished by the extra time they take to clean because of the spokes you need to clean between them.

Vivid Racing ensures that we meet the customer's quality, size, and strength expectations.

The company always provides quality wheels for applications that require speed and good looks, such as racing vehicles. We are also relatively resistant to corrosion.

While installing the Liquid Metal Shadow wheel doesn't improve your car's power by even just a single horsepower, it does provide an unmistakable racing feel to your driving experience. If you're hunting for Liquid Metal Shadow Wheels or something else, Vivid Racing is the place to go! Our wide selection of wheels includes famous brands such as Hamann, Volk Racing, Enkei, and more!

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